Product Usage and Features. Produced for many applications

Special Designed Made to Order

DiveGlider System Meets German License for Water Vehicles.

Dimensions: Maximum width 600 mm

Maximum height 350 mm

Length 1800 mm, Resp. 1600 mm (depending on type)

Energy: Compressed air from standard pressure cylinders for divers up to 21-liter volume and 300-

bar pressure.

Speed: 3 - 6 km adjustable

Diving Depth: Up to 150 m depending on the admissible pressure of the cylinder

Diving Duration: Up to 45 minutes depending on diving depth, speed and use of trimming device

Engine: 40 cm³ V-engine with ceramic cylinder , grease- and maintenance-free

Body: GFK-body, laminated, Fiberglass reinforced plastic, easy care