Italo Albanian Families of Acquaformosa
Some of these families are related to families of other Arbėresh Villages of Calabria.

Ancestors of Rocco Vicchio of Maryland
Door of the Church of San Giovanni Battista in Acquaformosa, Cosenza, Italy Anna Maria "Mary" DI TURI was born March 17, 1879 in Acquaformosa, Cosenza, Italy.

Giambattista "John" VICCHIO was born February 10, 1872 in Acquaformosa, Cosenza, Italy.

They were married September 17, 1899 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

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"These photos are the only ones I'm aware of for Giambattista 'John' Vicchio and his wife Anna Maria 'Mary' Di Turi, my great grandparents. He inmigrated thru Ellis Island in 1892 and his bride to be came in 1898. He was tall and she was very short. One story tells of their marriage being arranged by their parents and when he saw her, he wanted to send her back to Acquaformosa!

My grandfather Salvator J. Vicchio was the firstborn of twelve children."

Rocco Vicchio

Family Tree of Salvator J. VICCHIO

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