Italo Albanian Families of Eianina - Frascineto
Some of these families are related to individuals of other Calabrian Arbėresh villages

Lucrezia Bellusci 1846-1950
(Photograph taken after 1946)

She was born in Porcile (now Ejanina, in Arbėresh), Cosenza, Italia, on April 21, 1846. She died in Lincoln, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on September 14, 1950. She was married to Domenico PACE on January 24, 1868 in the church of S. Basilio Magno, Porcile (Ejanina), Cosenza, Italy.

When she was over one hundred years old, she still spun wool and knitted for her customers. She continued this activity until the last day of her life. She was a prime example of the hard working "Albanian" immigrant.

I dedicate this page on the history and genealogy of Frascineto - Eianina and related communities, to her, to her sister Domenica (Dilla) BELLUSCI married to PACE, my great-grandmother, and to all who leaving behind family and roots, forged new horizons for us.

This page about Arbėresh families of Frascineto - Eianina and other villages in Calabria reflects my passion for my Arbėresh roots. I have searched information about their history for more than thirty years. Many of the vital records included are in Italian or Latin, and there are some translated documents (Spanish and English). I will continue to add information of various types regularly.

I hope you enjoy this labor of love. Contact me if you are interested in knowing more about your Calabrian Arbėresh ancestors who lived in the areas around Eianina - Frascineto, and I will do what I can to share the information with you over these pages.

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