Louis Jordan

Louis Jordan

   Louis Jordan (present name - Jordan Louis Thomas) was one of the most popular performers of a blues and rhythm-and-blues in послевоенный period.

   Jordan was the good saxophonist, singer, author of songs and magnificent showman, foreman jive.

   It the songs penetrated by warm sense of humour, have penetrated for traditional racial barriers in music. On протяжениии of all career Jordan was popular among a white audience at all less, than among black. It the recordings were on sale in million circulations and were widely used in cinema.

  Jordan was born in Арканзасе and has learned bases of a saxophone from the father, James Aaron Jordan, which was the chief Rabbit Foot Minstrels.
Jordan visited Арканзасский баптистский college inLittle Rock and specialized in music.
He begins professional career in 1929. After period of operation with Rabbit Foot Minstrels Jordan in 1932 goes on north, in Philadelphia, where together with the pianist Clarence Williams, plays in various бэндах, while in 1936 is not connected toChick Webb's Savoy Ballroom Band - one of most popular black бэндов in the country. In 1937 Webb invites to itself young вокалистку Ella Fitzgerald.

Jordan remained with Webb to death last in 1938. Then he has generated own collective Tympany Five though into group almost always entered more than five musicians), and has signed the contract with the corporation грамзаписи Decca Records, beginning happy 15-летие.

   During 1940 years Джордан is written with Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.. With 1942 on 1951 Джордан has written down 57 чартовых is hit (all on Decca), since a comic blues " I'm Gonna Leave You on the Outskirts of Town " and finishing " Weak Minded Blues ". Made in interval between by them represented bases of development of a rhythm-and-blues and, in this sense, rock-and-roll. Свингующие шаффлы Bill Haley were a direct consequence of a manner of fulfilment Jordan; Haley itself spoke about influence Decc's of recordings Jordan on the creativity. "Caldonia", "G.I. Jive", "Let the Good Times Roll""Choo Choo Ch Boogie", "Is You Is, or Is You Ain't My Baby" - all these classical recordings rose to the very top rhythm - and - blues's of lists.

Jordan was very popular during the second world war. He has made set of recordings for a service of broadcasting of the armed forces.

The huge popularity Jordan has resulted it on the screen - he has removed a number of remarkable short musicals within 40-s' years (Caldonia, Reet Petite & Gone, Look Out Sister, Beware), which give performance that has made it by such popular showman.

ПThe appearance in films " Meet Miss Bobby Socks " and " Swing Parade " in 1946 has presented talents Jordan of the much greater spectator audience. Short-term attempt to create in 1951 the large ensemble (it has broken up one year later) has proved злополучность of this firm, but has not stopped vigorous activity Jordan.

Even at that it the songs were still extremely popular, by 1953 they were not on sale any more how earlier. After incredibly productive decade, Jordan finishes operation with Decca and moves in Лос - Анджелес, beginning operation with Aladdin, hoping to restore falling career. But the best days Jordan as written actor have remained behind. The rock-and-roll geared up, and rhythm - and - the blues began slowly to hand over positions. Alas, the time has passed, and than it the recordings of production Aladdin are more ретроспективны. However Jordan continued to appear and to make recordings, though the nonconstant audience ignored it sentences 1962-64, substantially deserving attention. In 1973 he writes an album for French Black and Blue. The intimate attack has forced it to break off in 1975, but not earlier, than he had time to make the bridge between one era биг - бэндов and rhythm - and - blues.

He was the innovator. When in impact there were large ensembles, he became known with small collective. He was one of first, connecting an electroguitar and bass to духовым to tools. His "джайв" - monologue - direct prototype rap - music. It the songs were executed by set of the actors. The carrying on musicians spoke about him:

In 1991 the producer Cameron Mackintosh has put on Бродвее a musical "Five Guys Named Moe", based on искрящемся, шумливом repertoir Jordanand charismatic attractiveness it the person.

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