About the Community Re-Entry Program

The Community Re-Entry Progrm ("CRP") is designed to approach the transitional problems experienced by the ex-offender, in a holistic and systemic fashion. This involves connecting community resources with the specific problems returned offenders will encounter.

The program structure of the "CRP" consist of four components:

  1. Mental Health Development
  2. GED/Vocational Training (specifically areas where ex-offenders have obtained some training while in prison)
  3. Job Creation/Business Ventures
  4. Low-Income Housing Development

By connecting the specific community resources to the specific component, the opportunity for those determined to better their lives will be provided that opportunity. The mission of the "CRP" is to assist returned offenders make a successful transition back into family and community life. The "CRP" will create training and job opportunities for returned offenders, based upon their knowledge and skills.