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My Cousin Vinny
Ace Ventura
Austin Powers
Dumb & Dumber
Liar Liar
My Cousin Vinny
Star Wars Trilogy

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My Cousin Vinny video cover

  My Cousin Vinny Sounds  

My Cousin Vinny Picture

mcvatt.wav(33 KB)

Bill: We have an attorney in the family!
Stan: Great! Who?
Bill: My Cousin Vinny!

mcvblend.wav(21 KB)

Lisa: Oh, yeah, you blend.

mcvgrits.wav(179 KB)

Vinny: Uh, do you remember what you had?
Witness: Eggs and grits.
Vinny: Eggs and grits. I like grits too. How do you cook your grits? Do you like them regular, creamy, or al dente?
Witness: Just regular, I guess.
Vinny: Regular.....instant grits?
Witness: No self-respectin' Southerner uses instant grits. I take pride in my grits.

mcvjt.wav(1.06 MB / 1,094 KB)

Funny chat between Vinny & a guy that owes Lisa money.

mcvmech.wav(105 KB)

Lisa's explanation of her expertise(my father was a mechanic...)

mcvopen.wav(66 KB)

Vinny's opening statement

Vinny: Everything that guy just said is bullshit...thank you.

mcvpants.wav(320 KB)

Hilarious dialogue between Vinny & Lisa about hunting deer.

(Lisa: Imagine your a deer...)

mcvyutes.wav(246 KB)

Vinny: Is it possible, the two utes...
Judge: Eh, the two what? Uh, uh, what was that word?
Vinny: Uh, what word?
Judge: Two what?
Vinny: What?
Judge: Uh, did you say 'Utes'?
Vinny: Yeah, two utes.
Judge: What is a ute?
Vinny: Oh, excuse me, your honor. Two YOUTHS.

My Cousin Vinny Cast Picture - mcvcast.jpg

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