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Indigo Underground
The Indigo Girls 

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Amy Ray (Left), Emily Saliers (Right)


Hey Indigo fans! Welcome to Indigo Underground, the place to find great information about the Indigo Girls, some stuff other sites don't have! So, I hope you find what you are looking for and have some fun doing it!  If you don't find exactly what you want, try e-mailing me.  I also have provided numerous links to other Indigo sites that have different information on them as well.  If you get a chance, sign my guestbook so that other fans can see what you think of the girls and your experiences with them.  Above all, have fun, and always stay closer to fine!


-Corey Auger-  Site administrator, designer, guitar player, and Fan.


Here's what's inside...

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Are you an Ani DiFranco Fan??? If so, visit my Ani DiFranco page and tell me what you think!



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