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Welcome to the homepage of The Hogwarts Express, one of the Internet's first ever Harry Potter fan clubs! Founded in 1999 by Harry Potter fanatic RonWeasley@aol.comThe Hogwarts Express gained members at an astonishing rate, and new ones join almost daily.


Joining The Hogwarts Express is easy! Instead of filling out a form or anything, you just need to send an e-mail with the following information to me at

what club name you would like to go by (a character from the book series)

what house you would like to be in (very low chance to get in Gryffindor)

your e-mail address

Please keep a copy of this on your computer in case I lose it.


By being a club member of The Hogwarts Express, you get to participate in all sorts of club activities.

Each club member will receive the club newsletter, where things really happen. The newsletter provides links to our chatrooms* (thanks, Tripod!), message boards*, and other areas. Additionally, games, rumors, and more are present. Club members also have access to private club activities which are not available otherwise.


Because The Hogwarts Express is hosted by Tripod (a really great and free web server), we get access to their chatroom and message board creation utilities. The club has its own chatrooms and message boards where members can meet, interact, and exchange e-mail addresses.

*In order to use Tripod's chatrooms and message boards, you have to sign up with their service. Don't worry- it's free. But kids: please talk to your parents first. Tripod requires personal information.


The Hogwarts Express is organized into the four houses (Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff). Each member belongs to the one of their choice unless it is full. Within the houses are the positions of Founders, Leaders, Prefects, and Students. The houses each have their own chatroom.

October 17th, 1999

The Hogwarts Express  is not legally affiliated whatsoever with the "Harry Potter" book series.
Founded by (Position of Albus Dumbledore).