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Sort Cannot be executed because the Sort Key Length is greater than 1000 bytes.


Result of Concatenation too long


The second or third Argument of the SUBSTR Function is out of Range.


The Object of the Insert, Delete or Update Statement is a view for which the requested operation is not permitted.


The Column < Column-Name > cannot be updated because it is either included in the partitioning key of a Partitioned TableSpace or derived from a SQL Function or Expression.


The Create View Statement does not include a required Column List.


The Create View Failed because the View Definition contains a union or union all.


The Alter Table, Drop Table, Lock Table, or Create Index Statement identifies a View.


The Number of Columns specified for the View is not the same as the number of columns specified by the Select Clause.


The Name specified on the Drop View is a Table Name


The WITH CHECK Option cannot be used for the Specified View.


The Insert or Update is not allowed because a resulting row does not satisfy the new definition.


It does not have the Privilege to Create the View with Qualification.


The number of arguments specified for Function-name is invalid.


The Data Type, Length, Value of Argument of Function-name is Invalid


Function-Name is not a Valid Function-Name.


The String Representation of a DATETIME value has an invalid Syntax.


The String Representation of DATETIME value is not a valid Value.


An Arithmetic Expression with a DATETIME value is Invalid.


An Arithmetic Operation on a Date or Timestamp as a result that is not within the valid range of Dates.


An Argument expression with a Date Time Value contains a Parameter marker.


The Local format Option has been used with a Date or Time and no Local Exit has been installed.


The Local date length of Local Time Length has been increased and executing Program relies on the Old Length.


The Operand of the Prepare or Execute Immediate Statement is Blank or Empty.


Illegal use of KEYWORD Keyword. Token Token-list was expected .


A Reference to Column Column-Name is ambiguous.


NAME is an undefined Name.


COLUMN-NAME is not a Column of Table TABLE-NAME.


COLUMN-NAME is not a Column of a Inserted Table, Update Table, or any Table identified in a FROM Clause.


The ORDER BY Clause is Invalid because it includes a Column Name but it applies to the Result of a UNION or UNION ALL.


The ORDER BY Clause is invalid because Column Name is not part of the Result Table.


The Required Explanation Table TABLE-NAME does not exist.


The Column COLUMN-NAME in Explanation Table TABLE-NAME is not defined Properly.


The Value of a host variable cannot be used as specified because of its Data Type.


The Value of an Input Variable is too large for the target Column.


A value cannot be assigned to a Host Variable because the Data types are not Compatible.


The Value with Data Type DATA-TYPE1 cannot be assigned to a Host Variable because the Value is not within the Range of the Host Variable in Position POSITION-NUMBER with Data-type DATA-TYPE2.


The Null Value cannot be assigned to a Host Variable because no Indicator Variable is specified.


A Predicate is Invalid because a Referenced Host Variable has the Null Value.


The indicated length of a Host Variable is negative.


Undefined or Unusable Host Variable VARIABLE-NAME.


The number of Host Variables specified is not equal to the number of Parameter Markers.


The Operands of an Arithmetic or Comparison Operation are not Comparable.


An Arithmetic Function or Operator ARITH-FOP is applied to Character or DATETIME Data.


The Update or Insert Statement Specifies a string that is too long COLUMN-NAME.


The Numeric Literal LITERAL Cannot be used as specified because it is out of Range.


A Calculated or Derived Numeric Value is not within the Range or its Object Name.


An Update or Insert Value is Null but the Object Column COLUMN-NAME cannot contain Null Values.


An Update or Insert Value is not comparable with the Data type of its object Column COLUMN –NAME.


Invalid Operand of a Count Function.


The Floating Point Literal LITERAL Contains more than 30 Characters.


The Current Date-Time or User keyword cannot be used as Specified.


The Select Clause of the Sub-query Specifies Multiple Columns.


Overflow Occurred during Data Type Conversion.


The Numeric or DateTime Column COLUMN-NAME is specified in a Like Predicate


The corresponding Columns, COLUMN-NUMBER, of the Operands of a UNION or UNION ALL do not have Comparable Column Descriptions.


An Operand of a UNION contains a Long string Column.


A Statement String to be Prepared includes Parameter markers as the Operands of the Same Operator.


A Statement String to be prepared contains an Invalid Use of Parameter Markers.


The Decimal Divide Operation is invalid because the result would have a negative Value.


The Operands of a UNION or UNION ALL do not have the same number of Columns.


The Cursor identified in a Fetch or Close Statement is not Open.


The cursor Identified in an Open statement is already Open.


A Column cannot be Updated because it is not identified in the Update Clause of the Select Statement of the Cursor.


The Cursor Name CURSOR-NAME is not defined


The Cursor Identified in the Update or Delete Statement is not open.


The Cursor identified in the update or Delete Statement is not positioned on a Row.


The Table identified in the Update or Delete Statement is not the same the Same Table designated by the Cursor.


The Table designated by the Cursor of the Update or Delete Statement cannot be modified.


The FOR UPDATE Clause cannot be specified because the Table designated by the Cursor cannot be Modified.


The Cursor CURSOR-NAME is not in a prepared Table.


The Describe Statement Does not identify a Prepared Statement.


Cursor CURSOR-NAME cannot be used because its Statement name does not identify a Prepared Select Statement.


The execute statement does not identify a Valid Prepared Statement.


The Prepare Statement identifies the Select Statement of the Opened Cursor CURSOR-NAME.


AUTH-ID Does not have the Privilege to perform Operation OPERATION On Object OBJECT-NAME.


AUTH-ID Does not have the Privilege to perform Operation OPERATION.


An Authorization ID cannot grant a privilege to itself.


An Authorization ID cannot revoke a privilege to itself.


A privilege cannot be Revoked because it is not possessed by AUTH-ID.


Inconsistent Grant/revoke Keyword, Permitted Keywords are KEYWORD-LIST.


All Authorization Functions have been Disabled.


The Name of the Object to be created is identical to the existing name NAME of the Object Type OBJ-TYPE.


Too many Columns specified in a Create Index.


A Unique Index cannot be created because The Table contains Rows which are Duplicate with respect to the Values of the identified Columns.


A Column definition Specifies an Invalid Length, precision or Scale Attribute.


Operation OPERATION is not defined for system Tables.


COLUMN-NAME is a duplicate Column Name.


The Index cannot be created because the Sum of the Internal Lengths of the identified Columns is greater than the allowable Maximum


OBJ-TYPE1 OBJ-NAME1 Cannot be dropped because it is referenced by OBJ-TYPE2 and OBJ-NAME2.


Operation OPERATION is not allowed on system Databases.


Operation disallowed because the WorkFile Database is not stopped.


Keyword KEYWORD in STMT-TYPE Statement is not permitted for a Table Space in the WorkFile Database.


A Clustering index already exists on the Table TABLE-NAME


The Partitioning Keys are not specified in Ascending/Descending Order.


Duplicate Keyword ( KEYWORD ).


Invalid Value specified for Keyword KEYWORD in STMT-TYPE Statement.


Table TABLE-NAME Cannot be created in Partitioned/Default TableSpace T-SPACE-NAME because it already contains a Table.


Buffer-pool BP-NAME Cannot be specified because it has not been activated


Violation of Installation Defined Edit or Validation Procedure PROC-NAME


Table TABLE-NAME in Partitioned TableSpace T-SPACE-NAME is not available because its Partitioned Index has not been Created.


Index INDEX-NAME Cannot be Created on Partitioned TableSpace T-SPACE-NAME because Key Limits are not Specified.


Index INDEX-NAME Cannot be created on the Partitioned TableSpace T-SPACE-NAME because the Number of part Specifications is not Equal to the Number of Partitions of the TableSpace.


A Partitioned Index Cannot Be Created on a Non-Partitioned TableSpace T-SPACE-NAME


The Number of Key Limit Values is either zero or greater than the number of columns in the Key of Index INDEX-NAME.


The Internal Length of the Limit Key Fields for the Partitioned Index INDEX-NAME exceeds the length imposed by the Index Manager.


The PART Clause of an ALTER Statement is omitted or Invalid.


STMT-VERB Object cannot be Executed because the utility is in Progress.


The Clustering Index For a Partitioned TableSpace cannot be explicitly Dropped.


The Column Cannot be added to the Table because the table has an Edit Procedure.


A Table in a Partitioned TableSpace cannot be Explicitly Dropped.


The Record Length of the Table exceeds the Page Size Limit.


The Bufferpool Attribute of the TableSpace cannot be altered as specified because it would change the Page Size of the TableSpace.


A 32K Page Bufferpool may not be used for BufferPool Expansion.


Insufficient Virtual Storage For Bufferpool Expansion.


The Literal LITERAL Specified for the Index Limit Key must Conform to the Data Type DATA-TYPE of the Corresponding Column COLUMN-NAME.


The Object NAME Cannot be Created because a drop id Pending on the Object.


Too Many Columns specified for a Table.


Column COLUMN-NAME in Violation of Installation defined field Procedure. RT: Return Code, RS : Reason Code , MSG : Message Token.


Field Procedure PROCEDURE-NAME could not be loaded.


Invalid Column Type for FIELDPROC Option, COLUMN-NAME.


The Length of Literal List Beginning STRING is too long.


Invalid Field Type, COLUMN-NAME.


Column Defined with a field Procedure cannot compare with Another Column with different Field Procedure.


Field Types Incomparable.


Incorrect Data Returned from Field Procedure, COLUMN-NAME, MSG-NO.


Usually means that the DB2 Bind did not work or was used by others.


Exception error EXCEPTION-TYPE has occurred during OPERATION-TYPE operation on DATA-TYPE Data, position POSITION-NO.


One or more insert or update values are invalid because the object columns are constrained such that no two rows of the table can be duplicates with respect to the values of those columns.


An error was found in the application program input parameters for the SQL statements.


Program name PROGRAM-NAME not found in plan PLAN-NAME.


The result of an embedded select statement is a table of more than one row, or the result of the subquery of a basic predicate is more than one value.


A GROUP BY or HAVING clause is implicitly or explicitly specified in an embedded select statement or a subquery of a basic predicate.


The INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, DDL or AUTHORISATION statement cannot be executed because the IMS / VS transaction is inquiry only.


The precompiler generated Timestamp X in the load module is different from the Bind Timestamp Y built from the DBRM.

Answer: Compile and Bind must have the same Timestamp. Rebind or Recompile and then Rebind.


The view cannot be recreated because it references a view that could not be recreated.


The SQL statement cannot be processed because CATALOG-TABLE contains a value that is not valid in this release.


View ‘VIEW-CREATOR’. ‘VIEW-NAME’ has been dropped during migration. Creator SYNONYM-CREATOR of synonym SYNONYM-NAME could not be resolved


The SQL DA contains a invalid data address or indicator variable address.


Too many items returned in a select or insert list.


Unsuccessful execution caused by a system error that does not preclude the successful execution of subsequent SQL statements.


Unsuccessful execution caused by a System error that precludes the successful execution of subsequent SQL Statements.


Unsuccessful execution caused by an unavailable Resource reason REASON-CODE, Type of Resource RESOURCE-TYPE, and Resource name RESOURCE-NAME.

Unavailable Resource reason 00c90097, TYPE=200 means that you are trying to insert to a Table that does not have write Capability authorized for it.

Contact your DB2 Authorization God.

Unavailable Resource Reason 00d70024, TYPE=220 DB2 Table Migrated. Do HRECALL on the Dataset named on Error Line beginning with NW20DB2T.DSNDBC……


The SQL Statement cannot be executed because this function is disabled due to a Prior Error.


The Object has been Deleted.


The SQL Statement Cannot access an object on which a Drop or Alter is Pending.


The current unit of work has been rolled back due to deadlock or Timeout. Reason REASON-CODE, Type of Resource RESOURCE-TYPE, and Resource Name RESOURCE-NAME.


UnSuccessful execution caused by deadlock or Timeout. Reason REASON-CODE, Type of Resource RESOURCE-TYPE, and Resource Name RESOURCE-NAME.


Connection Authorization Failure: ERROR-TYPE Error. Make sure your Plan in the DSN with the DDNAME DDITV02 is the same one you bound with. TSKXB 93-04-23


Connection not Established : DB2 CONDITION Reason REASON_CODE, Type RESOURCE-TYPE, Name RESOURCE-NAME.


DB2 Connection Internal error : FUNCTION-CODE, RETURN-CODE, REASON-CODE.


Commit Not Valid in IMS/VS or CICS/OS/VS Environment.


RollBack Not Valid in IMS/VS or CICS/OS/VS Environment.


The Language Interface LI was called when the connecting environment was not established. The Program should be invoked under the DSN Command.