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The Return of the melodie
If you need a good
for your:

  • Film project
  • commercial
  • web site
  • PC-game

    you are at the right place!

    Rolf Schild
    Bahnhofstr. 2
    34281 Gudensberg

    phone: 0049 5603 915929
    email: Rolf Schild

    MIDI, WAV, AIFF, MP3, Real Audio formats are available

    In the list below you will find some short examples of my music.
    Theese examples are only available as MIDI- files. (very easy to download).
    This is not the real stuff!! But you can get a first impression of my works
    If you are interested in my music you can order a CD. by e-mail.
    On this CD's you will find more examples to hear how it sounds in the end.

    Feel free to grasp the Midi examples I've added to this site.
    non-commercial use only

    Made with Cakewalk pro audio

    Example 1: click here to open Smooth Guitar
    Example 2: click here to open modern chamber music
    Example 3: click here to open Jazz ballad
    Example 4: click here to open orchestral film music
    Example 5: click here to open Game music

    Popular MIDIS

    Click here to get them


    Jingle 1 click here to open smooth BG-SOUND
    R2C1 R2C2 R2C3
    R3C1 R3C2 R3C3
    R4C1 R4C2 R4C3
    R5C1 R5C2 R5C3

    Thank you for visiting this site,
    20 years of experience made me able to compose your music according to your needs!

    This site was build with arachnophilia 3.9

    CD's, books and some other stuff



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