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Mammoth Faire XV
Mammoth: Tournament of the Borders

Come one, Come all
Bring your Regalia and Mammoth's
Join in the fun of the Tournament

Fighting: We will have Barrier fights(Hobby Mammoth's will be provided for those who wish to use them) Bear pit, Melee's and a Torch Light Tournament for those who didn't get enough fighting during the day.
Inspections will begin immediately after the Parade 10:30 am

Archery: We will have moving targets, Period Bull  and Novelty Shoots, These will be set up for Adult and Youth's
There will be a Torch Light Shoot on Friday for those that wish and have good eyesight.
Inspections for the Torch Light will be on Friday at 7:30 and on Saturday following the Parade.

Other Activities will include:
A Parade to open the Event, so make sure you bring your Devises, Flags and Banners
For the Children: they will make their own shield covers
A&S Competition: Tournament in any Medium
Dog Coursing
Teen Activities
Music & Entertainment
A Mask Ball will be held on Saturday with Competitions on the Costumes and Headdresses
(So now you can make that Costume that you've been wanting to make)
Feast to be held around 7:30 on Saturday
(If you have dietary needs please contact the Feast Steward)

When: September 20-22,2002 A.S.XXXVII
Where: Washington State Park, Route 2, Box 450, Highway 21,Desoto, Mo.63020
Site is discretely wet, it is the site of Mammoth's past, Camping on site, and for those of you who wish, there are cabins available through the Park Office 636-586-2995 or 1-800-334-6946

Site and feast fee's
Site: For all gentles over the age of 12, $5.00, gentles between the ages of 5 and 12 are $3.00, all gentles under the age of 5 are free.
Feast: For gentles over the age of 12, $8.00, for gentles between the ages of 5 and 12, $4.00 all gentles under the age of 5 are free.
There will be an additional $2.00 fee for gentles that are non-members
There is an additional $10.00 merchant fee.

Autocrat: Lady Avelina in pe Hurne                                                                                                                     Dawn Cushman 3210 Taft Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 63111 Daytime Phone 314-351-9215
Feast Steward : Lord Galen                                                                     
Fighter Marshall: His Excellency Conte Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon                                                                          Archer Marshall: Lord Dafydd ap Owain ap Cadell                                
Merchant Coordinator: Miriam bat Moshe                                              

Directions: From outside of St. Louis
Find your best route into St. Louis, Mo., From Hwy 70, follow it to South 55 and follow Hwy 55 to A (Festus exit). Go West or Right on A. Once on A follow it till it ends at Hwy 21 make a left and go South through Hilsboro and Desoto (stay on 21) to the entrance to the Park. The Park is about 8-10 miles past the Grocery store and resturants in Desoto. There will be SCA signs at both entrances to the Park

From St. Louis
Find your best route to Hwy 21, follow it past Desoto, Mo. You will see a sign about 8-10 miles South of Desoto, for the Park. There will be SCA signs at both entrances of the Park.

The Park is on the Right if you are going South on 21

Map to site