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"To Build A Community of Friendship and Benefit for Independent Professionals"
Please read this carefully before registering as a
ReliableSOURCE! Community Member

1.     Community Members understand ReliableSOURCE! and all of it's Content are the design, creation, and Solely-owned tool for "advancing the professional business interests" of,  Owner/Consultant Doree Taylor.  It is understood that all of the Content on this Site is presented as an Attraction to be enjoyed equally and openly by any and all Community Members for FREE (except Promotion SuperStore).  While Presented with sincere intention to strive to enhance  "career options" , broadly speaking, for Community Members, where ever possible,  ReliableSOURCE!  makes NO Promise(s) to any Individual regarding their use of this Web Site to "work" their own Enterprise-development.  

     ReliableSOURCE! is fundamentally a Freelancer's Business Laboratory, an "incubator for Entrepreneurs", where the Primary Focus is on both increasing and improving one's Public Relations, Promotion, Networking and Creative Thinking Skills, while contributing as feels comfortable,to a Community that Supports your Entrepreneurial Growth and Advancement, through Positive means.  Hands-on Action-taking, Self-Directing, and a Spirit of Generosity mixed  with a  strong Professional Drive are emphasized throughout the Site.

     Community Members agree to participate at their own discretion, and also agree whole-heartedly, to conscientiously open and persue their interactions at  ReliableSOURCE!, with a "Positive Point of View" and a "Mutually Supportive Attitude", toward all other Community Members, Guests and Visitors, and toward the Owner/Consultant at all times.

2.     ReliableSOURCE! and Doree Taylor Guarantee to all Community Members that normally Personal and Private Information will be requested only for providing necessary Community Member subscription/information services, in handling Sales, or to insure your more Secure Participation in Select ReliableSOURCE!-Produced Events and Activities presented On-Site.  Your Private Information will NEVER be used in ANY way ~ for ANY REASON ~ Other than as specifically outlined when your Private Information is taken.  Your Private Information will not be accessible to others unless "Stated" Verbally or Visually or both (such as: your E-Mail does appear in the GuestBook--unless you leave it out);  And will not be used for ANY undisclosed purposes, whatsoever, nor ever without your EXPRESS Consent!  

     Community Members agree to properly register for Activities and Events as requested to Participate, and to do their part to facilitate an "Interactive Community" that is also Managed Safely, for the Protection and Comfort of all Community Members, Guests, Visitors and (This is IMPORTANT to me!), the Owner/Consultant.

3.     Community Members acknowledge that neither ReliableSOURCE!, nor Owner/Consultant Doree Taylor are responsible for any Personal or Professional Loss, either Actual or Perceived, considered to be a result, direct or indirect, of ANY content on this Site.    
     Community Members further acknowledge that neither ReliableSOURCE! nor Doree Taylor are responsible for any Loss said to be resulting from ANY "Free Advice" given or received, whether of the Owner/Consultant, or ANY other Members, Guests and Visitors;  And whether interacting On-Site, or communicating Off-Site, in regard or relationship to any aspect of this Site or it's Content.  Both "seeking after" and "the exchange of" information (tips, suggestions, leads, advice, etc;) among any and all Participants' of any oreintation or degree, is considered completely Voluntary. Every Community Member represents and acknowledges that he/she is an Adult of sufficient Professional Wisdom to claim responsibility for his/her own Business Decisions.  Any Community Member who follows the Free Advice of any Other, does so completely of their own Free Will and at their Own Risk.

4.    Community Members who contribute content, share leads and  advise, trade favors and skills,participate in on-line events,take Surveys or otherwise "Participate" On-Site, PROMISE they will not make fraudulent claims of any sort, to anyone, anytime;  And also guarantee that any content submitted is Original, and not owned by any entity other than themselves, or said content MUST be submitted with proof that the appropriate Permission's have been Granted.

5.     Profanity, Vulgarity, Racial Slurs and unnecessarily  "degrading language" of ANY kind about ANYTHING or ANYONE is strictly prohibited on the ReliableSOURCE! Web Site at all times.  First-time Offenders will be Warned, once. Repeat Offenders will be Suspended from the Community, details at the discretion of the Owner/Consultant.  Continuing Offenders will be dismissed from the Commuity.
Please Accept or Decline This Agreement Now.
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