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If you're somewhat unversed, and feel rather lost in the sea of information available for "WebMasters", this area is for YOU!  But if you already know your stuff, that's OKay, too...  Below I've placed links to Services, available for meeting a wide variety of needs, and I'm pretty sure there's a little bit of just about EVERYTHING!  
From learining how to build a Web Site, or how best to Promote your existing Site, to working with scarey stuff like html, java script, and MORE, the links in here have been included to HELP you get it done without pulling out all of your hair....
As with the other "departments in progress", first I'm working on adding links and content... NEXT I'll also be setting up categories to make your browsing easier, too.  But don't wait!  The help you need is right here..     Did I Say PROMOTE YOURSELF?!?
Self Promotion.Com knows more about it than I do, where the Internet is concerned!  Excellent Services delivered with HONESTY, TUTORIALS and a delightful sense of humor  -- yes THIS guy is an Entrepreneur, and it's OKAY to laugh along!  Looking for trustworthy information regarding Internet Promotion? You can learn a great deal here, no doubt!
Check It Out HERE:
If you have a website, you absolutely have to check out this amazing, wonderful, incredible resource. You can use it for free to register your site with all the important search engines and indexes, and THEN decide if and how much you want to pay to support the service. It's great -- so great that even a notorious cheapskate like me gave them some money!
Kids, I'm NOT KIDDING! THIS is one of the VERY BEST

McAfee Clinic          -These guys are already famous for "fixin' what ails your 'puter! "  Now you know where to FIND them, though...
A visit to this Site will help you to tame your "beast", and keep it running in tip-top shape, too.  And you can try all the gadgets out on a 30-day FREE TRIAL, so what's to lose?
Check It Out HERE:  

HowStuffWorks          EVERYTHING "computer" you ever wondered about, from just HOW the internet, IPS's HTML and MORE really "work", to what's going on inside your "Mother Board" and MORE!  And that's just the tip of the Computer category!

The creator of How Stuff Works is Marshall Brain. Marshall is the author of ten books, including his most popular , "The Teenager's Guide to the Real World", and is nationally recognized for his ability to communicate complex ideas clearly. Mr. Brain formerly taught in the Computer Science Department at North Carolina State University, where he was elected to the prestigious Academy of Outstanding Teachers for his work in the classroom. About the incredible popularity of his Web Site, Marshall says, "I hope that How Stuff Works helps people to understand the things they see around them every day, because many of them are quite amazing! I know I learn something new with every article I write, and that feels great!"

Check It Out HERE:          -A 4-in-1 email containing: An INTERNET RESOURCE of the Day, A Quotation of the Day, A Trivia of the Day and A Joke of the Day!
The world's first FREE Internet resource 100% opt-in mailing site! Everybody all over the world may join.  Subscription is FREE!  You can use the resources you will be receiving  from us to gain more internet marketing knowledge and to help explode whatever business you do on the net!  And don't let me forget to mention these guys will PAY YOU $10 just for Signing Up!  That's even BETTER than FREE... And the "Resource" and "Quote" are always really GOOD ones!  

Check It Out HERE:

HELLO???  Did you hear me???
This is one

FreeForAll Network      -Stand Out in "the crowd", and "get HITS!"
If you happen to have a Web Site, this program offers a LOT--and, believe me, MUCH of what is "out there", is just "the same old thing"...  So if you have something really unique going, this is a GOOD Place to "stand out"!  Even if you don't have a Web Site, you can post Ads on TONS of Message Boards through this service, and BUILD your Business!  

Click On The
Check It Out HERE:

AdNetwork     -Generate Massive Traffic To Your Web Site,  Guaranteed !
People!  They're giving away FREE "Ad Network" Sites that you can use to build your business VERY rapidly! The sites are absolutely free and are guaranteed to create traffic and build your income. I think you'll want to at least take a good look...  The Program looks really GREAT!

 Check It Out HERE:

Ad Network

ClickThru Network          -Visit Network Member Sites to earn points, GET more Visitors to YOUR Site.... EARN more money!!
ClickThru.Net automates the search for web sites (not individual pages) that appeal to individuals' interests and gives users credit for every visit they make. Offering some of the most advanced targeting on the internet helps web surfers find what they are looking for.  The network also provides personal and business web sites the opportunity to gain promotion, exposure, and traffic without investing large sums of money in Internet advertising campaigns that provide no guarantees.  Unlike traditional search directories based on keyword searching, ClickThru surfing targets individual people and their interests and yields guaranteed web site traffic!
Check It Out HERE:
Guaranteed visitors to your web site!          -Text Links That WORK to make YOU money!

This innovative Company will provide you with advertisement for FOUR "PG-Rated" Web Sites in "text link" format.  Just place the HTML on your Web Site, just like the one below, and EARN when visitors "click through".  You can see the quality of the Sites this Service represents, and access complete information on how to sign your own Web Site up for the Program, by clicking any of the text links provided below!  This Program is very nice...

Check It Out HERE:

"My Affiliate Program" and PRO TRACK!             -Two Programs that will help you keep track or your affiliate programs and sales!
For those of you who are just starting out, JOINING Affiliate Programs and also need something that fits a skin-tight "budget",  this little Program is from the makers of the top-rated "ProTrack".  "My Affiliate Program" is FREE, and it can do a LOT to help new Web Masters get off to a good, organized START!
Check It Out HERE:
And THIS excellent software can REALLY help you sort out what's  going on with your own Web Site Affiliate Programs...   It's been designed specifically for the "Totally Serious about the Biz" Affiliate Program OWNER, who wants to keep a very detailed record of sales, and wants to know from which Affiliates each and every sale originated!
Check It Out HERE:


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