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Reliable Mystery Shopping INFORMATION

There is some excellent information "installed" for you here, already, so go SEE!  The Sites featured in this very special Section of "ReliableSOURCE! have all been built from the "ground up", by enterprising individuals with dreams they've PROVEN they're willing to WORK FOR!   
Just "my kind", to say the very least...

I'm working on adding both links and "content" so you'll know what these services are all about!  Thanks for bearing with the development process I'm in,to make ReliableSOURCE! the BEST it can be!  
I appreciate your patience and SUPPORT!!


"Mystery Shoppers Resource" Page       -Daily Leads and MORE!
One of the first "within the Industry" Information/Job Leads Sites created BY a Mystery Shopper FOR Mystery Shoppers that I happened to "stumble" across on my own directionless "keywords" search for Marketing Research Work.  The job leads are presented simply and clearly, and with personal warmth on the part of the charming and dedicated Hostess. A VERY reliable resource for anyone interested in Mystery Shopping for FUN and MONEY.  And She's added many Links of Interest in the "Matters Of OPINION" and "Freebies" departments, too!

Click on the Link
Check It Our HERE:

Also, for Mystery Shopping Company Reps, and
Independent Mystery Shopping Assignment Schedulers--
If you would like to post your leads for shoppers ON the
"Mystery Shoppers Resource" Page,
send an e-mail with your ad to:

Please type it as you would like it posted.
It will be cut & pasted verbatim from your e-mail,
by the very industrious Julie, herself!

NEW "Mystery Shopper's Handbook"      -My own Weekly Newsletter, published at Lunartic!
Get tons of information on how to get started in Mystery Shop-ping, where to go for leads, how to apply to WHICH companies, how to write an effective Service Evaluation and MORE!  You can make good money as a Mystery Shopper -- and you should NEVER PAY to GET WORK!!!   Subscribe to this weekly news-letter, and see for yourself... Especially for "newbies" -- but you "old  salts" may like some of the info, too!
And remember, through Lunartic, you actually get PAID to read the newsletter, and THAT also helps support my efforts -- AND ReliableSOURCE!  Look for the "Mystery Shopper's Guide" under the "Business, Finance and Enonomy" Category....
Check It Out HERE:     -  Mystery Shopper's Info and MORE!

What with kids, cars, bills and "all the REST of it", are things a little tight?  Don't Worry, "Mom-Mom" understands --  and knows just how to help you, too! The goal of this resource-packed Web Site is exactly that: to help Moms (and Dads!) make a little extra money to improve their lives, create Savings and enjoy Family Persuits. Here you'll find endless oodles of information on WORKING from home, MAKING MONEY on the internet, SAVING MONEY on practically everything, and getting into some "unusual" career fields that pay surprisingly well.

The "Mystery Shopping" department here is nothing short of excellent, and Mon-Mom  is proud to announce that the site has been nominated for Best Web Site of the Year by regular visitors who are also Members of "The National Center for Professional Mystery Shoppers". Do you need some extra cash?  Go ask your Mom-Mom!

THANKS, MOM, You're a STAR...

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Check It Out HERE:

Marsha's Mystery Shopping Information     -This Site takes the "Mystery" OUT of Mystery Shopping!  Especially GREAT if you're what we call a "newbie"!

If you've wondered what this "secret" Professional Field is really all about, Marsha will explain it all to you, and then some!  Pages on the Site include in-depth info on such topics as: What Exactly Is A Mystery Shopper?- How do I get started?-An Assignment! What Do I Do Now?- Completing the Evaluation-Shopping Possibilities-For Beginning Shoppers-Sample Form-Finding Assignments-Apply to these companies online-Snail Mail Addresses-Message Boards and mailing lists-Starting your own Mystery Shopping Service-AND Mystery Shopping Links to the companies that HIRE us!
Click On the
To Check It Out Here:          -Among those in the Mystery shopping Industry, Amy has proven herself to be one very hard-working lady, with a whole LOT to share!  One of her special additions to this field has been heading up the Web Ring linked below. You'll find numerous Sites chock-full of excellent info on Mystery Shopping!   ... And I'm very pleased to be included!

MYSTERY SHOPPING - Listing of shoppers, getting on the lists, Do's and Don'ts of Mystery Shopping, etc. Also contains Merchandisers and Merchandising info... MS COMPANIES- Listing of companies, banner exchange information, how to's on using this site to get shoppers or Shopping Assignments, etc; AND MORE "other" good info for Independent Types and Family People than you can "shake a stick" at!

 Check It Out HERE:

Connie's Place     - Get that income into gear while your Husband think's you're just out Shopping and "goofing around"!

And, of course, if you want a nice rendering of Mystery Shopper's links, you'll find 'em here!  Once you're on the HomePage, be sure to support our good friend, Connie (she's a DOLL!), by giving things a GOOD look-over!  

Check It Out HERE:

Dawn Hunt's Making Money Site     -Another "self-starter" with a lot on the ball, here!

Dawn is an "outside scheduler" in the MS Industry, so if you get involved with this type of work, you'll probably get a chance to work with her, one time or another.  She like most of us who are long-time "actives" in the Industry, also has a few other tricks up her sleeve, where it comes to making money independently--and with your computer.  She's a super-nice woman, a hard worker, and has a TON of great MS and other money-making leads to share!

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Check It Out


DotCom Mommies     -The place to find WORK "from home"!

Stacy Perez' Web site is a very fine example of what one person can DO, when they "put their mind to it"!  The Site is super-attractive, easy to get around on, and jam-packed with excellent resources for accessing work from home.  Opportunities abound with these pages, so if you REALLY WANT to work from home, begin your search for "just the right thing" at DotCom Mommies.  You probably won't be "searching" for long!

Especially for Mystery Shoppers:

Stacy has a datbase of Mystery Shoppers that can be openly added to, from the DotCom Mommies' Web Site!  It is soon to be submitted to 100's of Mystery Shopping Companies, and YOU can be included-- for FREE!  What a wonderful favor to all of us in the Mystery Shopping Industry, don't you think?  Be sure to visit the Site and register yourself for this List as soon as possible--and don't forget to send Stacy a "Thank You" note!

Check It Out HERE:


NEW "Mystery Shopper's Free Classified Ads     -This Ad department is being promoted to MS Schedulers and MS Info Web Sites!

This special Ad Classifiaction is part of ReliableSOURCE!'s very own "All4U and All 4FREE" Classified Ad Service.  You can place Ads of your own in any of the classifications, and the Mystery Shopper's Classification is being promoted to MS Schedulers throughout the Industry.  It's all NEW, so give it a chance to "pick up steam".....  But please DO check in from time to time -- the Ads WILL be there for YOU to find work in Mystery Shopping!  

Check It Out HERE:

Are You On The LISTS??
A lot of info coming HERE Soon!

ReliableSOURCE!'s "Un-Biased"

Click on Marty To See
Our Own Friendly
Outlaw For

"Superior Service
Mystery Shopping Industry"

...has to share with YOU!

Very Special

CONTRIBUTORS for Marty's "Superior Service Tips" section are both Welcome and Encouraged!  My goal is for "Marty's" to become a "Contributer Page" exclusively! If you run an MS Web Site, Message Board, Mailing List, Research Company, or either Schedule or Shop regularly, your input is valued here, and this page is for YOU!

This is my own attempt at a "new approach" to the Open Forum-type Messgae Boards for all Professionals and "Newbies" in the MS Industry.  Instead of Posting Jobs, or "just talking" about all manner of things, as we tend to sometimes do (!), here, Eveyone Is Welcome, and everyone who volunteers a "Superior Service Tip" will simply:

      Introduce yourself, briefly, including "demographically",                                                 

Provide an "optional" Personal Comment on theMS Industry,
or share a "Favorite Quote", and....                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Share your BEST TIP with everyone else!

That's IT, Finito!  Everyone gets to talk free-form, but just on this ONE, PRODUCTIVE TOPIC!

There is a "temporary" Message Board provided for you, that I hope to replace with something I can "customize" for us a bit more, SOON....Once this gets off the ground, I'll be seeing to THAT! If you enjoy this way of interacting, and getting a peek at everyone's BEST "friendly Pro" side, this page can expand to include LOTS MORE alternatives for sharing and helping each other!


So Be Among The First To Help Start Something NEW in our Wonderful Mystery Shopping Community!  Submit your BEST Mystery Shopping "Superior Service Tip", you BANDIT, you!


If you have ANY problems,
Contact ReliableDoree and Marty
By clicking on "MailTo:"

Please Put "MS Contributor Page" In the Subject Line!