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...Help Your Friends Find Solutions, Too!     -You know people and businesses that have needs!  Tell this "Services Referrals" Company -- If everyone "hooks up", it'll be by their CHOICE, and at a GREAT PRICE  -- THEN  goRefer,com  will also Pay You (who knows, maybe your friends will take you out for dinner, too...)! offers you TWO ways to make money:

 1)  Submit the information you already have!  Tell us about a business or person you know in need of a product or service. goRefer will match them with high-quality vendors that meet their needs, and you will be paid a "commission".

 2)  Tell your business friends about this service, and build an "Earning Network"!  You'll still get paid for what they tell us they need -- will pay for your leads.  Plus, when you refer a friend, you earn money on their leads too. The money will be coming from Merchant Partners.  You and your friends will never be asked to pay anything for using the Service!

Read These Tips:

GETTING  A  LEAD:  A lead is information about any buying intention that a business or person you know may have. We encourage you to tell your friends about and get them to join as well. If you refer people to join they become part of your Earning Network. You can earn a dividend on all of the sales leads given by members in your Earning Network
SUBMITTING  A  LEAD:  Each time you login and submit a valid lead to you will earn $2-$25. The more accurate and complete the information you submit, the more credibility will be given to the lead.

USE  OF THE  LEAD:  Once your lead has been validated through our Customer Service Department, will seek the permission of the buyer (e.g. a person you know) through a confirmation email. The information will then be given to specific qualified Merchant Partners.

FULFILLMENT  OF  THE  LEAD:  A limited number of Merchant Partners (1-5) will contact the buyer to negotiate a potential deal regarding the product or service that they are looking for. The outcome will be tracked by's Customer Service Department and recorded appropriately.

Just another theory on  "helping each other out"  -- and EVERYONE concerned benefits!  That's almost as good as goin' fishin', and actually CATCHIN' FISH!

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Fishing Pole
Check It Out HERE:

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Your EQUIPMENT          -A 4-in-1 email containing: An INTERNET RESOURCE of the Day, A Quotation of the Day, A Trivia of the Day and A Joke of the Day!
The world's first FREE Internet resource 100% opt-in mailing site! Everybody all over the world may join.  Subscription is FREE!  You can use the resources you will be receiving  from us to gain more internet marketing knowledge and to help explode whatever business you do on the net!  And don't let me forget to mention these guys will PAY YOU $10 just for Signing Up!  That's even BETTER than FREE... And the "Resource" and "Quote" are always really GOOD ones!  

Check It Out HERE:

HELLO???  Did you hear me??? This is one

ELinux     -"Sorry, MicroSoft"... A Web Site dedicated to presenting OPTIONS just wouldn't be complete without SOME mention of "the Other Guys"...  And these "sophisticated" System Components are easier for users to SHARE--for FREE--than the Technology you're probably using right now...
Linux (pronounced "Lih-nucks") is a powerful, stable, operating system that runs on most of the hardware platforms already in use, including PCs, Macintosh and Amiga computers, Silicon graphics workstations, Digital Alpha computers and more. Fast and reliable, Linux supports multiple users, can act as an Internet server and supports a Windows-like graphic interface. And it's free!  Linux is open-source software, which basically means that, not only do you get access to the programs that you run on your computer, anyone who wants to may access the original computer code, and make modifications, corrections or additions and alter your system to meet your unique needs.

First developed in 1991 in Finland as a project of University of Helsinki student Linus Torvalds, Linux has its origins in UNIX. (Most programs written for Unix are fully compatible with Linux systems as well.) Linux is quickly evolving into a viable Windows alternative with worldwide acceptance, as thousands of programmers have teamed up across the Internet spontaneously, contributing new features, fixing bugs and making improvements. This approach to software development has proven to be very effective in creating stable, feature-rich programs that can rival or exceed the quality of commercial software. Linux is highly sophisticated in terms of its capabilities. Plus, its reliability is legendary. A Linux system is unlikely to crash, and Linux systems have been known to run for months without rebooting. Linux is also a true multi-tasking OS, which means that more than one application can run at the same time. And should one application crash, it's unlikely to cause the entire system to fail. It has built-in support for multiple processors, allowing you to take advantage of inexpensive hardware to get supercomputer performance. And, it runs on a wide range of different hardware platforms, from old Intel 386/486 systems to new Pentium III's.

Check It Out HERE:

Howe Industries          -Custom Gear for protecting your Custom Gear!

Howe Industries manufacturers a wide range of high quality industrial cases using the finest leathers, aluminum, polyethylene, vinyl, fabrics and wood. We design stock and custom tool cases, sample cases, zipper cases, computer cases, transit and attache cases. They are ideal for installers, technicians, field engineers and sales personnel transporting electronic and medical devices, computers, peripherals, cameras, video equipment or trade show displays. We also design for military applications, OEM's as well as the automotive, health care and travel industries.
Check It Out HERE:

MyHelpDesk          -Are you wasting time trying to find computer help?

Get to the answers you need now in the Web's largest computer help directory. Resources for thousands of products are at your fingertips. Become a Member- free of charge - and get help even faster. Youíll also find our brand new tools to tuneup your computer, protect yourself from viruses and bugs, backup your files, get tips, tricks, and much more!  

Check It Out HERE:

McAfee Clinic          -These guys are already famous for "fixin' what ails your 'puter! "  Now you know where to FIND them, though...
A visit to this Site will help you to tame your "beast", and keep it running in tip-top shape, too.  And you can try all the gadgets out on a 30-day FREE TRIAL, so what's to lose?
Check It Out HERE:  

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Your WORKSPACE          -Everyone needs a comfortable, quality WORK SPACE, with prices and a selection that make you comfortable too... is not a new company!  In fact, they've been in the business of selling quality furniture over the Internet since 1996, and the founders of the company are career furniture executives with over 45 years of combined industry experience. Their relationship with their manufacturers allows them to present you with the most compelling selection of furniture at the best value anywhere.

They've assembled the hottest items from all over the world, all in one conven-ient location, and their bottom-line goal is to provide you with an unparalleled shopping experience that cannot be duplicated anywhere!  OH YES!!!  They have very good Monthly Sales Specials, too -- So you can go "top shelf", but only pay "middle drawer", if you take a little time to snoop around.

Check It Out HERE:

Free Chair 125x125 green          -Putting POWER on the Internet.....

The Unified Theroy of Utilities!  This forward-thinking Company is advancing the Theory that people want to manage all of their utility services under one "big umbrella".

It's a simple equation, really: Service + Convenience + Reliability  x Internet = This, the worldís first Internet utility company, is redefining utilities to include a range of energy and telecom-munications services for consumers and small businesses. And now that many consumers have gotten over their fears of buying clothes and books on the Internet, some have already begun going online to purchase one of the most basic necessities of all: Electricity...  and the many other services that also USE  it! can recruit, enroll, serve, bill and support customers via the internet, at costs as much as 90% less than traditional utility companies!  At last you have OPTIONS...  So why pay more? This Site deserves your atten-tion if utility and telecommunication services have been getting the "best" of you for too long!
Check It Out Here:

TeamCast          -It's FREE. Work with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Invite your team online. Share only the information you want. 100 Megs of secure online workspace get you started!

WebOFFICE  is an outstanding FREE Service from the people at TeamCast!  If you're looking for a new way to simplify your workday,'s Web-OFFICE is your solution. WebOFFICE is a comprehensive suite of tools which will allow you to find all of your important documents, share your opinion on the latest project, pick up your email, and schedule the company picnic all in one place. Best of all,'s WebOFFICE is fully web-based, meaning that your inform-ation is within reach regardless of where you are, or what kind of system you're working on. All this, and it is incredibly easy to use!   

Check It Out HERE:

Banner 31

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Your COMMUNICATION TOOLS          Of course, the first thing we all need is a GOOD E-Mail Service....

This one is FREE and the features go on and on: options on the appearance, optional auto-responder, mail merge and import/export capability, html and signature preferences -- even an optional "vacation message"!  PLUS you get PAID for using it. What more do YOU need?  Well, probably has that too...
Check It Out HERE:

Free E-Mail @          -The Service that totally replaces your Answering Machine and Phone Company's Voice Mail Service and costs NOTHING!

Forget about paying for a Voice Mail Service for GOOD...  And with eVoice you can ACCESS your messages on the Web, in your E-Mail, over any phone, and on your Pager -- ALL!  This Service WORKS just like they promise it will.  It doesn't "mess" with your Browser or "fight" with any of your other programs, and you know when a call has come in, instantly!  It's FREE, FREE, FREE, completely secured, and very asy to use.  eVoice even has a "Virtual Answering Machine" Service for people who don't have a telephone...  I recommend this Voice Mail Service the MOST!

Enter My MailBox #: 76973450,
          And  Promo Code#: 8586
When You Sign Up!

Click On The
Cell Phone
Check It Out HERE:

Communitech     -For ALL your Communication Tools, and with a wide variety of Service Options you don't often see available at ANY price!
A pioneer in hands free telecommunications since 1983, CommuniTech has grown to be the largest distributor in the world of telephone headsets, video and audio teleconferencing equipment. As a specialists in their area of technology,they are able to make SURE their product line truly meets their customers' business requirements. PLUS they offer unusual "Loaner" programs, sell "refurbished" equipment with Service Agreements as good as those for Brand New Products, and present some very enticing Career Opportunities you'll find detailed right on the Site!  
Check It Out HERE:

FaxAway     -Use E-Mail to send Faxes. Save yourself TIME and MONEY!
If you can send and receive e-mail, then you can start saving time and money right now by using Faxaway ó the world's easiest and most economical e-mail-to-fax service. It's so simple there's no special hardware or software required! Most faxing services charge you for every page. You save with Faxaway because you only pay for actual transmission time ...and at incredibly low per minute rates. (And retries to busy fax machines are FREE!) Since 1995, Faxaway has sent more than twenty million faxes all over the world! Faxaway gives you access to a powerful suite of faxing tools including fax-back, web form confirmation and broadcast faxing. You are assured of speed and dependability from our own state-of-the-art fax servers with instant e-mail confirmation.

Check It Out HERE:

CallWave          -Hear whoís calling while youíre online, without a Second Phone Line...  And relax, it's FREE!
CallWave's mission is to give Internet users the convenience and functionality of extra phone lines in their home or small office, without having to install or pay for additional lines from the phone company. So go ahead, help yourself:  Avoid the cost of an extra phone line.  Itís FREE! It downloads in less than a minute. Itís EASY--I'm using it now, it honestly doesn't cost me a penny, and I honestly NEVER miss an incoming call!
Check It Out HERE:

Pagoo          -The OTHER most-excellent "hear who's calling while you're on-line" Service I recommend, Pagoo has more options for "customizing" than it's competitors, and looks "really cool" on your desktop, too!
Pagoo takes voice messages and instantly plays them for you on yourcomputer-all while you're still on the Internet. Surf worry-free: Pagoo lets you say goodbye to busy signals and missed calls. And though it's not free, it's NOT expensive!  You're still getting bigger than  BIG SAVINGS over the expense of an extra phone line..  Pagoo costs only $3.95/month, and when you refer other people who sign up for the Service, you can earn FREE months! Pagoo is quick and easy to download, PLUS you can customize your out-going messages a bit more, and even add Voice Messages to your E-Mail SIGNATURE. I REALLY like Pagoo!

And NOW Pagoo is offering a FREE INTERNET PHONE....

Get your own FREE Internet Phone Number during our Preview Release and use your PC to:

Answer calls and make unlimited FREE long distance phone calls while online!
Forward calls to any phone when you're offline, for FREE!
Never miss another call again!
Get FREE voicemail and Caller ID!
Use it all ABSOLUTELY FREE during our Preview Release. No obligation. No credit cards required. No annoying ads.  No changes to your current phone service.  I have one, and I LOVE IT...

Check It Out HERE:

MyTalk          -I know You'll LIKE it...  And you can LIVE more conveniently with it, so I'm pretty sure you're gonna LOVE it!   And it's FREE, so keep reading to see how MyTalk can be your talk!
Hear your email read over the phone, and send a reply just by talking. Hear voicemail messages played on your PC or the phone. Make free unlimited two-minute local or long distance phone calls anywhere within the U.S. Itís FREE, thanks to our advertising sponsors (That's ME, sort of!).

 Check It Out HERE:

Banner 10000004

ThinkLink          -A different, and very helpful Life-long 800# and Messaging Service that serves from OUTSIDE the office!
Your ThinkLink comes with a free 800#, a free local number, a personal username and a password which allow you to access your account over the phone or through the ThinkLink website. Your ThinkLink numbers are the only phone numbers you'll ever need. You'll never have to bother giving out your home number, cell number, pager number and work number to make sure you don't miss an important call. Simply give out your ThinkLink number and callers can leave you voicemail messages or page you.

You can even set up your ThinkLink so that it forwards to the phone of your choice - your home phone, your cell phone or your work phone - so you can be there to answer it. And when you change locations, you can easily set your ThinkLink to forward to a different phone number. When callers leave voicemail it goes into your ThinkLink Inbox, where all of your messages are stored.
You can check your ThinkLink voicemail whenever you want, either over the phone by calling your ThinkLink local or 800# or by using any computer with Internet access and logging in at by entering your username and password.
 Check It Out HERE:

PhoneGenie          -"Meet your phone company's worst nightmare."
A Penny Saved ...... Tired of wondering whether you're being swindled by your long-distance carrier? You might want to pick up a new gizmo called PhoneGenie, by MediaCom. PhoneGenie takes the guesswork out of getting the best rates on long-distance calls. When you dial PhoneMiser Technology selects the lowest-price carrier automatically!  
Check It Out HERE:

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Your PRINTED MATERIALS          -Because the BEST Business Cards really ARE the ones that you make for yourself.... And it's HARD to NETWORK or PROMOTE yourself memorably without 'em!
Try and discover powerful design features, great prices and fast turn-around! And don't think it stops with Business Cards, either...  If you need Printed materials of nearly any description, you can custom-design them for yourself here, and have the finished product deleiverd to you hands before you know it!
 Check It Out HERE:

GrannyMail          -The Fun Way to send real Postal LETTERS and CARDS!
This Service will send your snail-mail for you--all beautifully customized to YOUR tastes, and with every detail HANDLED!  An easy-to-use address book and calendar agenda  are available on the Site, for your personalized use--absolutely FREE!  You can send personal letters, business letters, invitations, announcements, etc;  and you'll save TIME, too, what with no need to visit the post office!  You can use the Service to reach nearly anyone in the world, AND with the new "Letter4Free" Option, you can send a letter a day, to any U.S. address, for FREE!  This Service is truly different from all the rest!
Check It Out HERE:

Letter4free!          -One of the "best and the busiest" Print On Demand Services on the Web, and theres' a reason why, BESIDES the fact that they offer every first-time user free promotional printing on something you can customize yourself, and really USE after they send it to you...
I've used iPrint, and was MOST satisfied with the final product, the price and the timely delivery.  A LOT of other people think iPrint stands out, too, as you'll see by reading over  just a FEW of the Industry Awards they've earned below!

Print On Demand Inovative Leadership Award-
The annual Print On Demand Industry Awards were established by CAP Ventures to recognize emerging industry leaders whose technological advances extend the power, flexibility, and added value that characterize on demand printing. was recognized for excellence in 1999.

NetMarketing 200 Award-
Business Marketing magazine selected as one of the best business-to-business web sites in 1999. The NetMarketing 200 are ranked based on design, content, functionality, e-commerce capabilities, and other criteria. was chosen #10 out of 200 and was awarded a grade of A+.

Windows Magazine Best Business Sites Award-
WINDOWS Magazine named to its prestigious list of the "101 Best Business Sites in 1999." Select Web sites are recognized for their quality of information, utility, solutions, and ability to "help users maintain a competitive edge."
Check It Out HERE:               -At last you can experience immediate gratification--you can get it printed NOW! has developed an online ordering system that allows the customer to custom design unique products such as Address Labels, Business Cards, Letterhead, and's a full e-commerce printing site. You have the ability to view pricing, design your own printed piece, upload your own artwork (or choose from our clipart library) and electronically transmit your design to our facility. Your piece will be printed and shipped within 3 business days to the location of your choice. A true one-stop shopping experience!!

Check It Out HERE:

UPrintOnline               -UprintOnline is a virtual print shop, where you can Design & Order your Printing Online - from the comfort of your desktop!
 While similar to the others, this is, nonetheless, a stand-out Service in it's own right, and another that I highly recommend you "Shop"...  These friendly professionals are committed to creating an online experience that is fun and easy for both beginning and more experienced Web customers.

Check It Out HERE:

EPrintPress          -These guys Print and PUBLISH! is the world's number one choice for online publishing and printing. Upload your full color artwork from most major design applications or design your artwork online. You can then place your order and receive your printed material as quick as 5 days.  

Check It Out HERE:

Banner 10000029
Sign Up For the MY PRINT SHOP Program
 and get
500 FREE
Just enter the Site, and join this very
Personalized Service
you'll use over and over again,
for only a $49 Annual Membership Fee,
to take advantage of this Great Offer!
It should be obvious to you already how much your $49 investment is going to SAVE you in a full year's time, but in case it's not, DO go inside and thoroughly

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The Bridge          -Let me get you started RIGHT NOW with the ONE that is the NEWEST out there...  It's a Bookmarking Service, a Quick Sign-in Service, an Internet Income Networking Group, AND, I personally believe this is also going to turn out to be THE VERY BEST "Get Paid to Surf" programs anywhere on the World Wide Web...
I was lucky to be invited to participate with these great guys in the Beta Testing of their software, and  evaluations of their Web Site, prior to the "launch", as just a small part of an obvious effort they've made to get their services all "up to snuff" before "going public". It's been an interesting experience, and I've learned a lot about "pay to surf" programs in general!  And I've come to the conclusion, too, that "Your Internet At Work" is at least ONE (of far too few companies on-line!)  with US, yes that's You and Me, the internet USERS, really in mind, from short to long!  
Visit their intriguing Web Site and Check Out
Learn how to take your web experience to the next level!
The Bridge is what you might call an internet facilitator. The idea is to have a Tool that makes your surfing easier and more pleasant, instead of just getting in your way, and making your browser "crash"!  What everyone will come to realize is that this is not JUST another " paid-to-surf" Adbar...  This is a real, useable, feature-packed addition to your surfing life!   Here are the key features:

Click On The
Director's Chair
Check It Out HERE:     -100MB of FREE Storage Sapce!
This Service is designed to be used by Anyone, Anytime, from ANY computer.  Store your most important files, and share them easily, too, PLUS donwload MP3 Music files, and MORE!

Check It Out HERE:          -Another slant on Bookmarking altogether, and, I'm sorry, but this one IS just GREAT, too...
Some of the Web's top sites have joined with Blink to make bookmarking even easier!  You can forget frustrating search engines for GOOD, because now you can harness the power of your own bookmarks to find the best of the Web! Store and organize your bookmarks better to create an easy-to-use Directory of your favorite Sites on the Web, that you can access anytime, from any computer!  And you can browse through the Blink Public Library to see Blink members' favorite bookmarks! It's easy to copy any bookmarks or folders you like into your own personal Blink account.  And don't the best leads come from people who share your interests?  I'm gonna SCOUR that library, whether I ever get my own files in order or NOT!  

Check It Out HERE:

Banner 10000024

PassLogics V-Go          -By Passlogics, V-go is the Leader in Digital Identity Management, and save you a lot of brain cells the more you use it...
Free! v-GO gives you One-Click Registration and Shopping wherever you see the v-GO logo, and one secure graphical password to logon everywhere. You'll never have to remember multiple passwords and user names or fill out registration and payment forms again.  v-GO PRO enables comprehensive Single Sign-On through public-key infrastructure, directory services, and independently. Works virtually everywhere out of the box. And you can Enable One-Click Registration and Shopping on your site to give your visitors a fast, easy and secure way to logon, register and make purchases. As a result, you'll receive more complete registrations and fewer abandoned shopping carts.

Check It Out HERE:

QuantumLynx          -The Netscape Solution EXPERTS, featuring an extremely virtual office enrironment, and much more...
All on one versatile Site, you'll find E-Business Solutions in the form of Professional Services that just keep coming, E-Commerce and Web Hosting!  QUANTUMLYNX has a full line of e-commerce and web hosting solutions for business to consumer and business to business Enterprise Hosting, and QUANTUMLYNX Office is the virtual office solution that will put in overtime for you, to improve your businesses performance!  

Check It Out HERE:

Gator          -You'll never need to fill out another form again!
Gator is your smart online companion that fills out forms and remembers passwords. It even helps you save money on products and services you want to buy. Yet Gator is extremely polite, staying out of sight, popping up only when Gator can help you. Gator is completely secure so there's no need to worry about the information you put into Gator. Your private information is stored only on your own computer, and never shared with anyone else!  And Gator is FREE! Really, there's no catch! You want the best deals, right? Well, the merchants with those deals want to know how to reach the right people! That's where Gator comes in, again... When you install Gator you get a HUGE "gift basket" of special discounts from all over the Web!  Since Gator knows both of you, Gator can deliver the right offers to you at the right time - such as giving you a $15 coupon to buy books when you are visiting a book site. That's a win/win/win for everyone concerned if I ever heard one!

Check It Out HERE:

Gator fills out forms and remembers passwords!

Ultimate Bulletin Board          -A unique tool for developing communication among your colleagues, contacts, associates and peers!
You really need to take a good look at this Site to understand all the ins-and-outs of the UBB. There are lease, purchase AND "freeware" versions, and the user control options are plentiful.  I'm working to incorporate one into this Site, as soon as I decide where to put it to the very BEST use, so keep an eye out for a "working example", sometime in the near future.  But don't wait around for this  "slowpoke"  Creative Communicator...
Check It Out HERE:

WebZip          -Get the new WebZip OFF-LINE Browser!
Here's What you can DO with it: Download Web pages or entire Web Sites to your hard drive. Capture Web pages, images, sounds and other media files. Browse downloaded Web content at lightning speed, offline. Save valuable time and money with WebZIP. Easy to use? 3 simple steps, and you're away!You can download thousands of Web pages and files per hour.

Check It Out HERE

Driveway          -Your Smart Drive on the Web!
FREE On-line File Storage. Driveway lets you store and access files from any Web-connected computer. You can also share documents, photos, MP3s, and more with friends and colleagues. It's safe and easy to use! Get your free account today, by becoming a Driveway Member!  

Check It Out HERE:

Banner 10000038

Internet Keywords/Real Names          -Now you can simply type in the name of the company, Brand or Product you want to find, and FIND IT!
Finally, customers can find your business online using the name they already know!  With an Internet Keyword, your customers don t need to know or type a long, complicated web address. They simply type your company name directly into the address line of Microsoft Internet Explorer and go straight to your website.

One-year Personal Internet Keyword subscriptions are free for members of Homestead, GO Network, Fortune City, and other participating communities.  And Internet Keyword subscriptions REALLY help Small Businesses be found on the Internet!  This unique service also offers a variety of "pay to use" products to suit differing needs. Subscribe today!

Check It Out HERE:

CoolBoard!          -It's OK to "comparison shop", and even try out different competitor's products at the same time...  So here's a STRONG rival to all the "other" Message Board Services.  And YES!  It's just totally and completely Cool...
I've tried a few different "Message Board"  services, and the results have varied widely! They're definitely NOT "all the same"!  THIS Message Board is "the BEST"  I've found, so far, for total "customization" of the Forum, Message Board, and User/Moderator Options, plus being EASY to  understand and work with.  CoolBoard is extremely versatile, and doesn't require large downloads or advanced "Computer Wizard-ry" to get it up and running!
I'm eager to see how comfortable the one we're using herem for the "rSOURCE! Network"  is for YOU to USE, but I'm  pretty sure I'm gonna keep on  Promoting  "CoolBoard"!   If you have a Business or Enterprise and/or a Web Site of your own, THIS TOOL will HELP YOU  to "Build Your Community", and then "take care" of it, too!  Check It Out HERE:

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Your SUPPLIES          -This E-Commerce Company presents a very unique offer that spells SAVINGS, SAVINGS and MORE SAVINGS  - on Everything!
If you're looking for ONE Membership that has it ALL,
look no further!  I can't even begin to list the extensive values presented here, so just go have a look and see for yourself.  I was truly AMAZED, and have already gotten in on several of the excellent offers in the Business and Office Departments.  And there's more than meets the eye at this Web Site, because being a Member is about EARNINGS, too!  Here's a copy of the "little Ad" that caught my attention in the first place:, One of the Internet's Leading E-Commerce Companies is seeking dedicated individuals to join the fastest growing E-Businesses in the World. Benefits include: FREE PRODUCTS, Exclusive MARKETING RIGHTS for Major Products from Various Industry Leaders, COMMISSION PLAN that includes a 6 Figure Income Potential,  Management BONUSES  and  Company SHARED PROFITS!  Sound too good to be true?  Then Add this: IT COSTS NOTHING TO JOIN!   
The Program is called
Refer Everyone
...and I dare say, I think I will!
Click On The
Check It Out HERE:
This Company is expected to unveil some astounding Offers near the end of JUNE, so you'll want to get Sign-Up NOW....          -All kinds of batteries found here--for all  of the "gadgets" that keep YOU "on the GO"!
Believe it or not--just Batteries, Batteries, Batteries!  Batteries for finicky computer accessories like your Notebook, clock and RAM. Spare and replacement camcorder and UPS batteries. Batteries for every different cellphone.  And who KNOWS what else?!?  If you need special BATTERIES,

Check It Out HERE:


Staples          -The same GREAT Office Supply SuperStore with one BIG difference:  On-Line Customer SPECIALS and DISCOUNTS!
Staples is a growing company that cares about its customers. Want to find out more? Youíre in the right place -- and if you donít find what youíre looking for here, donít hesitate to contact their customer service.  Begin saving right now, with $15.00 OFF every $100.00 order!  Need a good old fashioned paper catalogue to refer to? They'll send you one TODAY...  Simply great service every day, in every way!

Check It Out HERE:          -Postage you can print right from your computer!
This service is for the home office or small business user who sends letters and packages from home;  The Corporate user who ships and mails office documents; And the e-commerce Company that needs shipping services integrated with a Web Site;  This service is for YOU!

Check It Out HERE:

Free Trial- 2 (468x60)               -Imprinted PROMOTIONAL ITEMS of every description, at costs less than wholesale!  THIS is a high-quality Company!
Get "all the gooides" you need to Promote your Business or Services memorably, at the best prices you're gonna find ANYWHERE.. "nuff said"!

Check It Out HERE:

GoPromos     -     THANK your Customers, and TREAT  your potential Customers--They'll remember you for it!
Your Promotional Products SuperStore!  You KNOW I LIVE to present you with OPTIONS...  GoPromos has an utterly HUGE selection of products that can be personalized to help you promote ANYTHING--and most of the prices are super-reasonable.  If you've shopped around for promotional items before, you'll recognize the quality and value available here in a flash!  

Check It Out HERE:

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Your MONEY          -The fastest and least expensive way to send and receive money--on the Internet!
PayPal, a free service from, is the world's first email payments network. PayPal allows you to send money instantly and securely to anyone with an email address. You can also send money requests to a friend or group of friends, who can then pay you quickly and easily online.
Use PayPal to pay an IOU, collect money for an event, or buy and sell items at online auctions. PayPal makes sending and collecting money as easy as email.  With a customer base of over one million, PayPal is the largest web-based payment network in the world. It is the number-one payment service for online auctions, and the payment service of choice for online communities.

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Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!          -Credit that COUNTS.... on the Internet!
Apply for the Internet's PREMIER Credit Card and earn CASH BACK on all of your on-line Purchases.  This is the most well-reputed Credit Service on the Internet, and is accepted "virtually" everywhere!

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E-Gold          -Handle your transactions in REAL GOLD!
Now you can convert your cash into real Gold and Silver -- and back again as you choose to...  A GREAT way to keep your funds "solvent", and the services are very inexpensive!  "Unlock" the Power of your MONEY...

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