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It honestly makes little sense to spend our precious time together here, trying to break these Companies, Web Sites and Services  into finite "categories". They all "cross over", and they ALL relate to getting your "Mo-Jo Working" in the crucial areas of personal and Professional Networking:
From "job matching" and resume posting, to meeting new people, making Professinal friends,and accessing new ideas for attracting YOUR ideal Customers and Clients -- the wide variety of special services I've selected for presentation here can easily be "mixed and matched".
FORGET about categories right now.  TRY one! Try e'm ALL!   Begin making contacts that can have a positive influence on the advancement of your Career, TODAY!
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"Good Stuff" All The Way Down To The Bottom!

InfoMarkets     -A New "You're The Expert" Site That Has JUST LAUNCHED!

This Service is INTERESTING!  It's a lot like the AskMe. com Program, but with a few unique wrinkles all it's own...  Hit yourself a money-makinig "home run" when you sign up as an "Expert".  It just launched and I've already made some money sharing my knowledge and Promoting MYSELF!  Sign up TODAY!

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Check It Out HERE:

Freedom Mailer 2000-  Send your message to 7,000 once each week!

That's RIGHT!  Sign up up 3, and they do the same, up to 15 levels.... Then everyone enrolled can send 7,000 SPAM-free messages every week.  And you WON'T have to read 7,000 messages in return --more like a mere 10!  This is a wonderful FREE Service, where everyone who participates benefits maximally!  You'll like how this works...  Get involved and build a mailing list you can use to promote all of your interests without conflict or confusion!

Check It Out HERE:

IC Planet        -THE Site for Independent Contractors to find Professional Independent WORK....
If you haven't checked out ICPlanet recently, go look AGAIN!  The Services and Web Site have improved Dramatically (and it was already impressive, believe me). Make use of just a couple of the tools provided by ICPlanet RIGHT HERE....  And then get over to the Web Site as fast as you can.  Set Up a Profile here, and get yourself in on a highly personalized Service with all the bells and whistles, that YOU configure to find you the Projects YOU WANT.

OutSource 2000          -The Internet's MOST comprehensive "Work From Home" Contact and Information Center!
There is NO other "work from home" Resource Site that provides the depth breadth of Information, Services and OPPORTUNITY that OutSource 2000 does....  If you REALLY want to have an actual JOB, working for someone else's REAL MONEY, there is no where else to look FIRST.  This is absolutley the most outstanding Employment "outpost" in the CyberSea!
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Check It Out HERE:

Opt-In Leads Network     -Get your own Free 100% Optin Leads!

Network for your business now!  Join a Co-Op of other Entrpreneurs who would like to Promote Themselves... You only agree to receive E-Mail from 10 other people in exchange for all the fresh leads you'll  generate for yourself as a Members - and no more than one per day.  If you follow the very simple rules to the "T", everyone benefits, and no one gets over-run by unwanted mountains os advertising!  This idea is a really good one, and also, it's  well adiminstrated.

Check It Out HERE:

Instant Sales Letters         -Commuicate Effectively with the Written Word!

THIS Software Program is utterly AWESOME!
There's no need to say anything MORE!
You simply have to SEE IT!

And, of course,

PlanetAll          -"We're all here, so we may as well help each other ,along!"  Having friends in your Business and Creative Arenas, who are GOING for it just like you, is only GOOD...

This place is hopping with activity, and folks to meet and interface with on every topic you can imagine-- using Newletters, Open Forum Digests, Bulletin Boards, and even personal correspondance, once both parties agree to exchange personal contact info!  I've met a lot of really fine people in numerous fields of interest to me, and the hardest part is finding time to DEVELOP so many really inter-personal associations!  But you can begin making Professional friends even if you just give a little communication when you can, and remember to check in to the Site from time to time... The "good" relationships always seem to build on their own from there!  

Check It Out HERE:



Ants.com          -"Together Everyone Achieves More"!  And that includes WORK...  See the Win-Win-Win Services available to you through Ants' very well- reputed Freelance MarketPlace!  This Service has really EXPANDED!

This internet-based Employment Service has more than a few angles to present for getting work, and they personalize to YOUR needs every step of the way... PLUS, if you refer other independent-types who also sign up and use the service, you also get paid when THEY get work, too!  Not a bad incentive for networking, right there....  And REALLY -- if you're seeking top-quality Projects and Assignments, this is THE place to be listed!

Check It Out HERE:

Check Out "JOB-VERTISE"!
Search over 50,000 FRESH jobs!

Encomia.com              -Build YOUR Brand and Professional Reputation!

This very unique Service offers something none of the others do!  It's a system for having your work and Professionalism Critiqued and Rated by your own Colleagues and Customers.  And the File is available for potential Customers to view On-Line...  You can begin building a catalogue of winning "recommendations" for all to access -- and start winning over MORE New Customers and Clients, when "shoppers" take a look , and LIKE what they find on you...

This is a novel approach to "beefing up" your Reputation On-Line, indeed!
Check It Out HERE:

Career.com          -There's definitely a difference between looking for work and persuing a career...  But you have to GET WORK to persue a CAREER!

This Site can really hook you up.  You get busy and look for work, and these guys will do all they can to bring you the career advancement opportunities you crave --  If you're looking to be HIRED, or even if you want "straight" employment, but still plan to Freelance on the side!  

The Servcices at Career.com are extensive and detailed.  If you're a "Tried and True" Professional in your field, the employers they have on file are looking for YOU!

Check It Out HERE:

Everyone.net                          -"You never know who you'll meet!"

Get free Web-Based E-mail you can access from ANY computer, and join networking groups that match and support your interests!  This program is just terrific for meeting and exchanging information with people in YOUR industry!  What more need I say?  Well, there's PLENTY more I could!  But why not just get over there for yourself and put all this technology to WORK for yourself?!?

Check It Out HERE:

FlipDog     -"Go Fetch that biscuit!"

Jobs, jobs, and more JOBS!  Finding YOU the job you want is what this Site is all about...If you're "looking" , then be sure to at least check these guys out to see what they might be able to do for you!  Did I mention this Site is ALL about
JOB Opportunities?!?
Check It Out HERE:

JobSleuth          -"To solve the Mystery you have to pick up on the clues. Or, perhaps you'll need to DROP a few along the way, too!"

This service will record the specifics of your personal career goals, desired employment or "ideal project" parameters, and income needs.  Then they continually scour numerous job-matching Sites and Services FOR you, while you go about your other activities.  When opportunities that match your profile are found, you are notified by E-Mail, with complete information about the opportunity and how to "put in" for it, if you're interested!  Of course, you're never obligated to persue any suggested leads... But there's definitely nothing  wrong with having your own team of "sleuths" out looking around on YOUR behalf-- saving you untold hours of potentially "fruitless" tail-chasing from Job Site to Job Site!

You can visit the Site, too, to browse opportunities for yourself. You may even set their system up for more than one "type" of search!  In fact you may request several, update any of them at any time, and also specify how often you would like to be reported to, on the "findings" that match up with YOUR Profiles and Queries!  JobSleuth definitely takes a LOT of the "mystery" out of searching for quality work!

Check It Out HERE:


iRecommend-it     -FREE "minizines" on EVERY topic imagineable!
More excellent information than you can possibly imagine is available through this wonderful service that also allows internet users a quck and easy way to "spread the word" about their favorite Web Sites.  I subscribe to several, and the "minizines" I've seen have all helped me go about my business immeasurably!  They have all been just terrific, let me tell ya...  AND the Internet "Word Of Mouth" tools are also a very good way to help others find out about Companies and Resources available on the WWW that they might miss otherwise.  If you know of a terrifc little Web Site, out there, help someone out by telling people how to find it--that way these Web Sites can have a "fighting chance" of surviving, and SUCCEEDING.  And if it's useful information to help you build your dreams you crave, you can sure get some!
Check It Out HERE:

eGroups     -Networking opportunities abound through this Service, too!

Cruise the wide variety of groups listed here, and get involved in a number of different ways, as you choose.  Most of the groups have their own Newsletters, and will also E-Mail you the daily activity from their Member's Bullietin Boards. You may decide if you prefer to have these "posts" from the Message Boards sent to you singly, as the postings come in, or in Daily, or Weekly Digest formats, for each different group you join as a Member. The key, as with anything, is in getting as involved as you are comfortable to and have time for--and STAYING with the groups you like for awhile--at least long enough to see "what happens" among the Membership, and get a feel for what you can LEARN!  You can interface with an unlimited number of people out there who share your interests, and want to succeed every BIT as much as you do!  I say that's possibly GOOD COMPANY to KEEP!

Check It Out HERE:

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Opportunity NOCS          -"The Opportunity To Serve Others Is The Most rewarding Opportunity Of ALL!"

Fed up with the "me, me, me" World of Business?  This Service has a lot of information for you if you'd like to put your skills to work for the "Not-For-Porfit" Sector.  And working for a non-profit doesn't automatically mean you're "just a volunteer", at all!  Many of these types of organizations pay very well, indeed, and most of the positions available positions are genuine "sink your teeth in hard, "top-Professionals only" opportunities.  Some of the more interesting traditional employment and Independent-status jobs anywhere, are listed with Opportunity NOCS....

Check It Out HERE:

eWorkExchange          -Employers Post Projects, Freelancers Find Projects!

The explanation above sums it up, sweet and simple...  But GO VISIT this Site to see how sweet a "simple service" can BE when it's put to work for YOU!   Rest certain, this Service is presented here with a very solid reputation for SUCCESS, in tact.  Why waste precious time scratching around where there's less to be gained!  Construct the Best Profile  you can, and get INTO "the Loop"...

Check It Out HERE:


The Anti-Career WebPage     -"Creating The Work You Love... Courage, Commitment and Career"

The Anti-Career Books, Tapes, and Workshops are for those who believe that it is still possible to make our life into a work of art; to live and act from the most authentic part of ourselves, and to express our strongest values, energies, and talents through our work in the world. The Site also provides an Open Bulletin Board and Mailing List, where members may exchange all kinds of information, job leads, quality-of-Living "tips" , plus more, and you may subscribe  as a "free visitor" or to recieve a "daily digest" at your E-Mail Address.  

Based on the enormously popular works of Rick Jarow, this Site, is a very supportive breath of freshness, and with a much-needed point of view to offer those of us who sometimes feel we are "just struggling along", and wonder how we ever got so far from our DREAMS!  

Click On The
Check It Out HERE:

IdeaCafe     -"The Small Business Channel that serves up a fun approach to serious business"

What an utterly FANTASTIC Business-focused Web Site the "IdeaCafe" is!  Order up in-depth, no-nonsense information on how to start, finance and run your Small Business;  "Lay it all out there" in the Cyberschmooz Forums for "virtual peer feedback" on your own Business ideas and "how to" questions;  Access free advice from genuine experts on topics that are relevant to you;  Enjoy some stress-busting, fun diversions that are NOT "just the same old thing"; Discover a nice variety of unusually creative tools you can make USE of; Browse through a large library of Awards  YOU can send out...   and more, more, MORE!   

A full menu of valuable content -- all presented around a clever, charming and very effective "Cafe" Theme.  You'll LOVE this Site!

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Bear and Balloons
 Check It Out HERE:

SixDegrees          -A suite of revolutionary tools you can use to take advantage of all your connections, and all their connections, and....   this IS different...

Unlike any other community on the Web, SixDegrees is your home for building real-life relationships with the people you're interested in, starting with the people you know. Based on the theory of six degrees of separation, you form your personal community by adding the people you know to your list of SixDegrees contacts. Each person you list then adds the people they know, building connected communities.

You can use special SixDegrees tools to stay involved with existing friends and contacts, and build exciting new relationships with members you'd like to get to know.The Site is very upbeat, and features super-contemporary discussion topoics, plus numerous, interesting Member-only offers and special discounts.

 Check It Out HERE:


GrannyMail          -The Fun Way to send real Postal LETTERS and CARDS!

This Service will send your snail-mail for you--all beautifully customized to YOUR tastes, and with every detail HANDLED!  An easy-to-use address book and calendar agenda  are available on the Site, for your personalized use--absolutely FREE!  You can send personal letters, business letters, invitations, announcements, etc;  and you'll save TIME, too, what with no need to visit the post office!  You can use the Service to reach nearly anyone in the world, AND with the new "Letter4Free" Option, you can send a letter a day, to any U.S. address, for FREE!  This Service is truly different from all the rest!
Check It Out HERE:


FreeMailer2000      -Your FREE Multi-Level mailing List Builder!

This Program offers you another great Opportunity to build a large personal and permanent mailing list for FREE.  Send Spam Free Emails to 7 Million+ people in your 15 Level Deep Downline!!!

When you sign-up for Free, you will get your very own personalized FreeMailer2000 Web Site, along with your Unique URL which you must promote. When someone signs-up from your FreeMailer2000 Web Site, they become your First Level Downline. Similarly, when someone else signs-up from their Unique URL, they become your Second Level Downline and so on till 15 Levels.
Check It Out HERE:




If you're really hungry, now, to truly put yourself "out there" to do what you DO, I'd like to show you several intriquing Sites which offer exceptional environments for getting even more motivated:  To hone your professional "expertise";   Find out what you don't know;  Put your Bad Self forward;  Actually help someone else;  Establish your personal take on your "professional worth" by bidding to get PAID for your  services;  And, most importantly,to MAKE CONTACTS GALORE!

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