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Did you know?

There are approximately 25 million small businesses
in the U.S. -- and that small businesses...
Employ over half of the private work force
Are the principal source of new jobs each year (67%)
Represent 99.7 of all employers
Source: U. S. Small Business Administration

"Quick n Easy" Entrepreneur News                 -Get Business News that's relevent to YOU!
This is a REAL TIME business news service for the internet.  The first one to make the internet relevant to you personally - the Entrepreneur!  The button below is pre-programmed to bring up news according to the following "search Words": Freelance, Entrepreneur, Promotion, Net-working,and Public Relations. As with all the resources provided on the Web Site, I HIGHLY recommend it to you!

Check It Out HERE:

ReliableSOURCE! presents QUICK n EASY     -This Service publishes an indisputably novel "Business & Entrepreneurship" E-Zine that HITS!   Highly recommended...
Among the numerous E-zine and Newsletter Services available on the Internet (and even among those also specially selected for listing at ReliableSOURCE!),'s publications truly "stand alone"!  Their Free, Weekly "Business and Entrepreneurship" E-zine is a superb example of why that's so:
First, each super-short but information-packed article is written by a "real live Professional" who IS a working "entrepreneur". The 40 or so rotated writers ("editors") who's work you'll eagerly devour, are carefully selected from among literally 1000's of actual applicants, for an appointment to write for BriefMe.  Each week they all MUST submit 3 separate articles for placement in the publication, just to remain "active";  And each week, only the BEST of all those submitted are selected for  the current issue... So you may be certain that the articles you see are fresh, original and "all about the Biz", issue to issue!
Next, each accepted article is really more of a "review" of recom-mended resources for YOU to access.  You'll read which Business Web Sites have the most to offer you, and why;  You'll be "turned on" to the highest quality services, most informative full-length articles, most inspiring interviews, and only the "cream of the crop" Content available, for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners, in Cyber-space!   And it all comes from a source you can TRUST: Independent Pros very much like you, working  hard to "minimize wasted time and maximize oppor-tunity"!  Take my word on this one, guys...  Just subscribe NOW, on the handy-dandy form provided next for you!
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Select your BRIEFME.COM FREE weekly e-mail zines:
Travel Home Garden and Decorating Consumer Electronics Computer Programming
Computer Hardware and Software Fashion and Beauty Entertainment Gifts and Shopping
Business Food and Cooking Games and Toys Internet
Stocks and Investing Music, MP3 and Digital Contests & Sweepstakes Sports

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As a final note on this topic, for now  -- It's my humble personal pleasure to announce to all ReliableSOURCE!  Members and Visitors, I'm ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to be the Newest Appointed Editor for BriefMe's
"Business and Entrepreneurship E-zine"!
I hope you'll love the great info in this E-zine as much as I have,
& that it won't be long 'til I write a "good-un",
and make you PROUD!

CoolBoard!          -If you have a Business Enterprise and/or a Web Site of your own, THIS TOOL will HELP YOU  to "Build Your Community", and then "take care" of it, too!
I've tried a few different "Message Board"  services, and the results have varied widely! They're definitely NOT "all the same"!  THIS Message Board is "the BEST"  I've found, so far, for total "custom-ization" of the Forum, Message Board, and User/Moderator Options, and being "easy to understand" and work with.  CoolBoard is extremely versatile, and doesn't require large downloads or advanced "Computer Wizard-ry" to get it up and running!  I'm eager to see how comfortable the one we're using for the "rSOURCE! Network" is for YOU to USE, but I'm  pretty sure I'm gonna keep on  Promoting the absolutely COOL "CoolBoard"!
 Check It Out HERE:

SBN On-Line Yellow Pages     -"Let your fingers do the walking--on your keyboard!  You'll never go digging for the phone book again...
For simple "starters", here's your yellow pages!  No downloads, and no new file to keep track of!  You can bookmark this service when you visit, OR just remember you can come back here, and use it anytime!
Check It Out HERE:

BizInfo Central     -Just what it sounds like--and MORE!
Just as the name suggests, this Site is a Powerhouse of information!  You'll find lots of resources and reference material, and have the option of viewing numerous opportunities available to the independent pro.  Much of what's here is internet-related, but there are many ways to put much of the information provided to use off-line as well!  
Click On The
Man In The Hamster Wheel
Check It Out HERE:

PostMaster Direct          -Know what's "out there"....
A lot of "figuring out what to do" to help your enterprises grow begins with figuring out what's out there TO do!  There's just nothing more important than being INFORMED!  If you don't make use of certain options, that's fine.  But if you aren't even aware of what your options may be.... well, you know what I'm saying here!  
One of the finest information services available anywhere, and in particular on the internet, is PostMaster Direct!  You can subscribe to as few or as many truly jam-packed informational newletters as you choose to here, for FREE. If one doesn't turn out to meet your needs, just send an E-Mail to "unsubscribe", that's it!  I have received a wide variety of newsletters through this service, and believe me, I've learned a LOT I didn't know...  MUCH more than I've had time to utilize, so far --and it keeps coming!  
I very much appreciate this service and  recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about what's out there and AVAILABLE for YOU!  
Check It Out HERE:

Zoomerang          -Do your own "feasibility studies"!       
I belong to this service and have taken a couple of very interesting Surveys, written by people "like us" , in the process of "investigating" their ideas,and seeking peer, or potential customer/user opinion. The "punch" inside Zoomerang is that YOU  can go in and customize your own survey on any topic, and define your desired respondent demographics, too.  Then these helpful folks  actually publish your Survey, send E-Mail invites to registered panelists who match your"requested respondents" profile, and even help you sort out the results--what it all means to you!
You may be invited to participate in other registered member's Surveys, as well, for which you earn both money and spending points. Participation in others' Surveys is entirely voluntary, of course, and does not affect use of the Survey Creating/Publishing services. On top of all this, it's a MyPoints "child".  MyPoints is one of the NICEST Rewards Programs on the Web, as you'll find out, and Zoomerang sports a MyPoints "wing", which is also very NICE!
Check It Out HERE:
Fly by

IdeaCafe          -"The Small Business Channel that serves up a fun approach to serious business"

What an utterly FANTASTIC Business-focused Web Site the "IdeaCafe" is!  Order up in-depth, no-nonsense information on how to start, finance and run your Small Business;  "Lay it all out there" in the Cyberschmooz Forums for "virtual peer feedback" on your own Business ideas and "how to" questions;  Access free advice from genuine experts on topics that are relevant to you;  Enjoy some stress-busting, fun diversions that are NOT "just the same old thing"; Discover a nice variety of unusually creative tools you can make USE of; Browse through a large library of Awards  YOU can send out...   and more, more, MORE!   A full menu of valuable content -- all presented around a clever, charming and very effective "Cafe" Theme.  

You'll LOVE this Site!

Click On The
Bear and Balloons
 Check It Out HERE:

Business Book Review     -Get the BEST books available on the Market for help building your own business and career!
Business Book Review™ (BBR™) is a best-in-class business book sum-mary and review subscription service now in its 17th year of publication. They select and summarize only the best business books that execu-tives, managers, business owners, educators, and students should read, but have no time to read. You can definitely learn a lot scoping out this Site!
Check It Out HERE:
Promo Review Page

Suite 101          -Virtual Office, Web-Mail, Site Building and MORE!  
This Site is clean and simple, they have a terrific Web Page Building program that's quite user-friendly, and when you Publish, there are NO ADS forced onto your Page, to clutter it all up!  I like these guys a lot, and heartily recommend a cruise around their Site to see what they have going on--There is a marvelous "Charities" Program built into the very active "Suite 101" Community, and  a LOT of great tools available to help you in YOUR Cause!
Check it out HERE:
<|Join|>          -When you're ready to really DO it, it doesn't hurt to have a little help.... Or a LOT of help, for that matter!
Starting your own business IS a "big move" , and this Site has LOTS of good information to help you along. From Tax advice, to great ways to promote on and off the internet, and an extensive library of "must read" Small Business Content, BigMove can play a part in getting you off to a GREAT start, "on-line" and on "terra firma".
 Check It Out HERE:

PersonalQuest                           -    Top-Drawer Advice From Top-Drawer Marketing Pros!

At, their passion is simply to help you maximize your Business And Personal potential...  And the products and resources available to you here won't be found ANYWHERE else on the World Wide Web. So if you're interested, you'll just have to...
Check It Out HERE:

ClickThru Network          -Visit Network Member Sites to earn points, GET more Visitors to YOUR Site.... EARN more money!!

ClickThru.Net automates the search for web sites (not individual pages) that appeal to individuals' interests and gives users credit for every visit they make. Offering some of the most advanced targeting on the internet helps web surfers find what they are looking for.  The network also provides personal and business web sites the opportunity to gain promotion, exposure, and traffic without investing large sums of money in Internet advertising campaigns that provide no guarantees.  Unlike traditional search directories based on keyword searching, ClickThru surfing targets individual people and their interests and yields guaranteed web site traffic!
Check It Out HERE:
Guaranteed visitors to your web site!

Recommend-it Newsletters     -From the same folks with the EXCELLENT "Web Site Referral" Program, come outstanding FREE Publications, Galore!

WonderDesk     -
Web Hostess Review Pending

TaxRite     -
Web Hostess Review Pending

Imaginations Unlimited          -All MANNER of most Excellent Inform-ation, delivered in Newsletter Format, direct to your MailBox, FREE!
Hundreds of bonafide "nuts" just like US, determined to "Go Indepen-dent" and "STAY Independent" have a veritable Gold  Mine of REAL information to share with YOU, and all you need to do is select what interests you!  
Check It Out HERE:
at Imaginations Unlimited  is:
BeeJay's Mystery Tour
"A Trip Through CyberSpace"

Your CyberDigest of Gems From The Web
A  FREE E-ZINE that gives basic tech help for Win95/98/AOL .
It includes Computer Tips & Tricks, Website Reviews, Kool-4-Kids, Homework Help,
Search Requests, Downloads and Lotsa Links to Websites covering a full & varied range of subjects.
The terribly clever Newsletter owner at BeeJay's has provided us with some terribly important information, on how to PROTECT OURSELVES from the many, all-too pervasive, VIRUSES running amok, out there!  You can read this very helpful article on the First Page of the "Reliable-SOURCE! WEB Center", and you can get to it RIGHT NOW if you....
Click On The
Check It Out HERE:          -A 4-in-1 email containing: An INTERNET RESOURCE of the Day, A Quotation of the Day, A Trivia of the Day and A Joke of the Day!

The world's first FREE Internet Resource, 100% opt-in mailing site! Everybody all over the world may join.  Subscription is FREE!  You can use the resources you will be receiving  from us to gain more internet marketing knowledge and to help explode whatever business you do on the net!  And don't let me forget to mention these guys will PAY YOU $10 just for Signing Up!  That's even BETTER than FREE... And I have consistently found that the Daily "Resource" and "Quote" are always really GOOD ones!
Check It Out HERE:
And NOW They Offer A separate, new PAID E-MAIL Program, too!  Only for "Resource-A-Day" Subscribers,  you can participate in  
and earn up to 30 cents for every E-Mail!

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