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Once your web site is up & running you will want to let the world know about it. This will require placing your site into the search engines.

If we are building your web site for you, we will submit your web site for free the first time, when the site is completed & you are ready for the world to see it.

We place your website in 52 major search engines, 144 directories, & 1,160 FFA (Free For All) pages & 100 spam free FFA pages.

You will need to have them reentered into the search engines each month. If you would like for us to continue submitting your site each month, we offer the site submitting services that will blast your site to 42 major search engines 144 directories and 20 Spam Free FFA pages. Your link will also be placed on 1,160 FFA page,

for only $40 a month. $450 if paying yearly.

***You should make sure that your meta tags are complete and optimized for maximum search engine retreival before we begin to submit your site. We can submit your site without your meta tags being optimized but your site will receive better rankings and more hits if these are complete before submitting your site to the search engines. ***

For those of you who do not have your meta tags maximized we will be glad to help if you should need us to.

We provide meta tage services!

$50 for personal web sites and $100 for commercial sites.


Once we have entered your site with the search engines, it will take from 10 working days to ONE month before your Web Site is added to the search engines. Yahoo taking the longest, at about a month. Your URL will stay in the search engines for about a month, in most cases before it rolls off of the search engine.

Submitting your web pages yourself.

There are several places that you can use to submit your web site. The best place that we have found for doing it yourself is Wold Submitter. It doesn't get better than this!

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