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Last Updated July 9, 2000
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Hi, I'm Ann.  I'd like to Welcome YOU to My Lil Haven.  Why don't ya kick off your shoes, have a cup of Java and enjoy your visit.   I started this page as a dedication to my net friends but as time has gone by so much more has came out of this page.  I love to hear from my visitors so please do sign my bathroom wall, leave a message in the forum or even drop me an email. I am updating often and adding new stuff all the time, so please do come back! 

I've recently added My Lil Note Pad, My Lil Forum, Banner Links and Win Our Award.  What's coming soon you may ask?  Well…. I am not going to be able to update as often, due to life's lil suprises. Please see My Lil Note Pad for further info on Updates.  I am trying to get together a page for personal dedications that you the viewer submit about someone who has made a difference in your life online.  If you would like to send me your dedication please do so.

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