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As the year 2000 has wound down and we enter the 2nd Millenium (yep, just happened a few weeks ago Folks!) "The Crew" and Coordinators of the Peary 1979 Website wish you all the best.  We look forward to upcoming events in the near future that will bring us all back together for more fun , adventure and our everpresent "internal controversies!"*

      *That is defined by us as those neat little soap-opera scenes and rumours

that made our yeargroup so fun and unique!

The 1979 Alumni Website was created mainly to "spool" our fellow students up for the big events that were painstakingly planned for our gala 20th Reunion.  Conceived and initiated in January of 1999, the site was formed based on a need and desire by alumni to create a forum where information could be easily disseminated and all events properly broadcast.  To say the least, it certainly served its purpose.

As proof we offer the following Stats:

334 Rekindled Relationships (Amongst all yeargroups)

4 new marriages

2 Divorces (Not our fault)

1 Separation (Maybe our fault)

8 Torrid Affairs (however, the same two people involved in six of those eight)

* Statistics are based solely on rumour, photos, email and assorted other sources

 The events of 1999 will be remembered fondly by all who participated.  And for those that couldn't, the website was the link that kept them involved and informed.  And of course, it provided ample oppportunity for all to have a good laugh and enjoy past memories.  The "Crew" went out of their way to provide this priceless link to all alumni and it did indeed succeed in its endeavor.

As time moves on and the 20th reunion year becomes history, so too has the websites purpose.  Therefore, we will become, temporarily, a dormant site.  Still accessible (we paid the bill through 2004!), but updated only when the need arises.  As events marking our 25th Anniversary spool up, we will again become more active.

Lisa, Angela and Mary - Go ahead and start figuring that one out now!  Your past successes force us to again demand your involvement in our future activities!

So continue to visit periodically, but be advised the updates will only occur when the need arises.

We will continue to accept photos, email updates and anything you send us.  But do use the main Peary Alumni website as your first source of info and contact data for the near future.  As future events gear up we'll be back with more frequent updates.  For those of us that continue to remain "tight" through email, don't take this as a shutdown!!  Continue to correspond and allow these rekindled relationships to flourish. (Oh, yeah Baby!)

Our best to all of you, and keep in touch!

Note:  To anyone that has recently sent an update, please send again!  John's been off screwing around in the Balkans for quite sometime, but is back  (?) and ready for updates.  So send 'em, we'll ensure he earns his pay here with us!