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Classmate Responses

Memories of the year 1979

Always Under Construction

Names of responders will not be posted unless they specifically request it

Jan 15, 1999 - Received from '79 Graduate

" John, .......... you forgot to mention the hostage and Embassy taking in Iran, remember all that? It really ****ed me off!"

Absolutely, it ****ed alot of us off, although it did in fact occur well after our graduation.  But it did bring the year to a sad end.  The bearded one pictured below enjoyed the publicity immensely.  Thanks for the photo, and sorry for the doodling.  Couldn't help myself.

Jan 16, 1999 -  Received from '79 Graduate

" John .........President Carter and Brechznev(sp) finally signed the SALT II treaty, beginning of the end for the Cold War Era.  This was pretty important."

My encyclopedia says you are absolutely right.  Can't imagine how I forgot that one.  Must have been a BIG party that weekend.  Your spelling is terrible, but  thanks for the note.

Jan 16, 1999 - Recieved from '79 Graduate

" John .......... can't even remember graduation day, man, how bout you?"

I remember it all, and I assure you that you were there as well.  You had this funny hat on, remember?  Perhaps a fellow graduate has a photo to prove to you that you did indeed participate in the event. Glad you haven't changed, old pal.

Jan 17, 1999 - Received from D. Del Vecchio ('79) and others!

" John .......... what about the great winter snowstorm that hit us in mid-February of 1979, over the holiday weekend.  That had to be the most snow that fell in Maryland in a long time!"

Donnie, ( and Chris Dudley  and Susan etc. etc.)you are indeed correct, at least according to my handy Farmers Almanac.  It was the most snow that Maryland had seen in over 20 years (in most counties), long before we had been born.  I remember it well because I finally had a good reason to stay home from school.  Attendance at Peary that Friday was 23 percent,  although about 30 of us found the means to get together and celebrate it.  Of course,  I feel Very guilty about it now, trust me.  Thanks for the update, all of you memory monsters!

* FLASH UPDATE PHOTO *  - Received on 18 Jan, 1999 from David ('79)

David,  we appreciate the picture ..... but I'm having a real hard time believing this is in Rockville in 1979.  And that ain't Sugarloaf Mountain in the background, is it Dave?  Dave, how long have you been off your medication?  Thanks for the photo and keep your chin up!

JAN 19, 1999 - Received from Karen ('79?)

"  John, ......... remember what a great show LOU GRANT was back then?  It won the Emmy for Best Drama and really  had some serious stories instead of the regular BS."

Karen, great letter you sent us, you have been studying and are Disqualified for knowing WAY too much about 1979 entertainment.  Hang your head in shame, girl!  BUT..... we found this photo to make your day.  Stay sweet and keep in touch. (Just kidding about the Disqualification stuff.)

JAN 20, 1999 - Received from Marie ('79)

" John ...... remember bonfires on the lower football field, getting chased away by the cops, squeezing into Colleen Caseys Firebird every morning going to school...."

Marie, lots of great memories in your note, but bad news - it was me and Glenn Folkes dressed up in rent-a-cop suits that chased you all thru the woods that day, sorry.  Colleens car was the only 4-cylinder Firebird EVER built, it was SLOOOW!  But I'm digressing into car talk....  Thanks for a great letter.

JAN 21, 1999 - Recieved from Jim ('79)

" John .......... great page, but I want you to know,........... don't mean to be picky but....... "Apocalypse Now" was  not released to theatres until late November 0f 1979 .......... otherwise a very well constructed and easily navigated website.  I hope to see you at the reunion."

Jim, we appreciate your impeccably well written letter.  Just one comment .........WE KNOW WHEN THE  DARN MOVIE CAME OUT!  WE REMEMBER WHO WE WERE CUDDLING WITH WHEN THE BIG HELICOPTER SCENE GOT GOING!   Now.........Was it 1979 or was it not, Jim?  Jim, we'll be looking for you.  Take care, bye-bye now. 

JAN 24, 1999 -     Recieved from Paul ('79)

" John .......... just too many Lisas in our yeargroup.  This is causing problems for alot of us.  Something needs to be done, dude."


Paul, I understand and totally agree.  You are the 3rd person to mention this, including one of the Lisas! There must be a dozen of 'em at least!  Innocent Lisas are receiving unwanted and erroneously sent , sometimes perverted email meant for other Lisas.  I'm in Hot water myself due to this glitch.  Theres only one answer, Paul, some of these ladies must immediately change their first names.  Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to deal with this problem and coerce some of these lovely ladies into picking new names. Good luck, Paul. We're counting on you.

JAN 25, 1999 -  Recieved from Tom L. ('79)

" John .......... can't believe nobody remembers the Orioles dropping the World Series that year after being up 3 games to 1, with the Pittsburgh Pirates singing " We Are Family" through the whole series....."

Tom, you are bringing back terrible memories of a stadium full of psychos singing along with Sister Sledge, I HATE that song!  It was degrading to watch them all do the disco-duck after the final game! Not even Eddie Murray and Jim Palmer could pull it out for us, and they hated the song Too! That series caused Disco music to DIE, so at least something good came out of it.  Bell-bottoms for sale.  Thanks and keep in touch.  

JAN 27, 1999 - Received from Robin (79)

"John..........remember great wrestling teams, variety shows and the senior banquet........Senior Skip Day at Cheryl Lera's House........"

Robin, its obvious YOU have one helluva memory.  I remember it all, except Cheryl's house on Skip Day.  She banned me from her home, I think I accidently broke a family heirloom at a 9th grade party at her house, she never forgave me.  Actually, I think it broke when she THREW it at me, ...But thats another story.   Wheres the Photo,  girl?

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