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Received 1 MAY 99 - From Terry ('79)

"....... what a great invite to the 20 Year Reunion!  You all did a great job, I hadn't seen my graduation photo in years till I opened the invite.  What a neat idea........."

ttTerry, we'll pass on your compliments to the people that really have worked hard and deserve ALL the credit for those cool invites.  Angela Rose played the major role in design and construction.  A very talented young '79 grad, obviously.  I myself was a bit shocked to see my picture after all these years.  You look great Terry, but I needed a haircut real bad.  Angela and her team made each invitation special and unique.  We all agree - Nobody could have done it better.

Received 1 MAY 99 - From Ken ('79)

".................there are alot of names on the LOST page that are people I and others see quite often around the Maryland/Virginia area.  Obviously their addresses can't be found or something, but I'll do my part and spread the word about the website and the reunion plans.  Lots of these people are all over this area, we all just need to take the time and get them in the loop........   We have to take the time to let them know since their addresses and email are lost.  It'd be bad if someone missed the reunion that lived right here amongst us and we knew it!"

Damn well said, Ken.  You have no idea how hard Mary, Angela, Lisa and others have worked trying to track down every single 1979 grad.  Its impossible without everyones help!  ATTENTION!!  If you are reading this and know the location of a LOST '79 grad, please take the time to seek them out, face-to-face, and get them into our loop.  Trust us, you'll feel real bad if you don't.  REAL, Real bad.  It'll eat you up inside!  Ok, get the point?  Thanks for the note, Ken.

Received 3 MAY 99 - From Greg ('79)

".......................and GOD did the Wizards stink this year!  Our area sports teams have gone to hell!  Who picked the name Wizards anyway?..............................."

     Elvin Hayes back in the good old days when the Bullets kicked butt!! (1979)

Greg, we don't know and frankly we don't care!  They suck now and thats all there is to it.  To miss the NBA playoffs you have to purposely WANT to miss the playoffs!!  Us "out-of-towners" were told you all locals voted on it because the "Bullets" name was too aggressive and damaged the minds of young children there.  Can't figure that one out, but if anyone has a better answer please email us and spill the beans!  ..... WIZARDS!!??  God forbid you all are forced to vote on a new name for the Redskins!!  Never!.........NEVER!!!!

Received on 9 MAY 99 -  from Janet (78?)

"  .........and our classmates haven't even attempted to do what you all are doing with this website, its very cool.  Luckily, we have alot of mutual friends from both our yeargroups so at least we can get info on them through your site.  I think its great what you are doing, keep it up!!!"

Janet, thanks for the letter and info of Class of 1978 activities.  We'll pass the poop on to the main Peary Site. You are correct, the classes of '78 and '79 had alot of harmony and common goals, as well as good friendships.  Let your friends know they can always take a look or pass info on through this site.  Take care.

Received on 16 MAY 99 - From Bob (79)

".......and did you really cough up 50 bucks for a photo?  Is that how bad its got with support and participation!! It is so great to see the photos you have posted.......lets us all know that we have changed and yet remained the same after all these years.  I would recognize every picture even without your subtitles and comments under them...............what a great class we had!"

Yup, we gave up 50 big ones (although Ron is donating it to a local Childrens group in his area: Nice Guy), and we're darn well prepared (well, some of the crew) to keep upping the anty!  ...Don't force us to get TOUGH!!  ( and Johns LOADED! Think of all the hostile-fire pay, the foreign duty pay, the imminent-danger pay he gets! )  { Easy now, Lisa!}.  We agree, Bob, the pics are very cool to look at and they bring to life our memories of the good old days.  If you are out there and think your picture is not worthy or wanted, you are SOooooooooooo wrong.  Thanks, Bob.