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2 MAR 99 - Received from Chris (79)

"........heard a rumor that 1979 grads are going to be out in force for the March 20th Peary Website Fundraiser, this the case?  Are you going?  Wheres it going to be at?.................."

Chris, we thank you for the note.  But thats not a memory, thats NEWS!  We'll post it so other 1979 grads can look into it.  I spoke with Melissa Strosnider (82) about this last week and I am certain they would love a big turn-out for the Main Peary Website Fundraiser, but they need to know in ADVANCE who might be coming to have enough seating and food.  Info can be found on the Main Peary Website or by contacting sweet Melissa via email.   Its being held at the Magic Cue on March 20th.  The Main page is always in need of funds and donations, unlike this site which is free (at least to you all its free!).  Bob Lau and his gang are spending alot of personal money keeping the Main Peary Site going, so help them out.   Am I going?  Well, Chris, theres this little war I'm kinda stuck in the middle of, .....long story,  but I'm certain others will attend.  So we say Go For It!   Thanks again for writing us.

3 MAR 99 - Received from Laura (79)

" ........I really miss the moving little dog on the first page, why did you change it?  I mean, the Polar Bear is cute too, but I really liked the dog........."

Laura, the Polar Bear was sent to us by a fellow female 1979 grad, and we felt it was a little closer to a Huskie.            "The Crew" took a vote and Scottie The Wonder Dog got the boot.  And to be honest, Laura, Scottie was in the habit of leaving little stinky "presents" around the office here.  However, since you miss him so much we'll make a little house for him right on this page.  Good enough?  Is that really all you wanted to talk to us about?  Okay, bye-bye now.

8 MAR 99 - Received from Marie (79)

" Lisa, Mary and John.........neat website, it invokes many memories of my years at Peary, didn't point out that we lost not one, but TWO Popes in one year.  I think that is worthy of your Top Ten List.  ...........thanks for all the hard work, you all."

Thanks for the note, Marie.  You are quite correct, AND you are quite WRONG.  Its true that we lost two Popes in one year ( Pope Paul VI died, and less than a month later his successor Pope John Paul I passed away as well), but it was not in 1979.  These tragic times occurred over the Summer of 1978.  With all due respect, we couldn't add it to our 1979 Top Ten List.  It was a very unusual and confusing Summer, wasn't it?  We all remember it well.  Thanks for a great letter, Marie.  Trivia question:  Who succeeded John Paul I after these two deaths?

UPDATE NEWS! -  John  '79 (not me) responded immediately with the following comments:

"..........Pope John Paul II assumed the duties after those two deaths.  .............Yes, the current, old "pope-mobile" guy is still going strong, the same one that assumed command during our senior year ..............."

John, thanks for such a quick response (23 minutes!).  We appreciate all the data you sent.  For instance, we did not know that during the early-middle ages there were many Popes that were elected in controversy, with other groups electing a Pope at the same time.  Culminating in the 1400s with an elected Pope and FOUR other locally elected "pope-wanna-be's". Pope Alexander III had a tough time with these dudes.  They were referred to as "anti-popes" and they were quite common over the years.  Thanks, John, very interesting history.

118 MAR 99 - Received from James (79)

"  Okay, Laura got her dog, big deal....................what about us cat lovers?  I know who Laura is and she hates all cats!  Help me out and post the attached file, would ya?.........great site!"

Dear James and Laura, this is not the place for a cat-and-dog fight!  If you two have feelings for eachother and have to resort to this page to communicate, then well.... oh for pete's sake... work it out, would you two ??!!   And get honest, cause you aren't getting any younger, you know!  Laura, see attached  crazed Cat:

24 MAR 99 - Received from Karen (79)  (Yes, we'll print just about anything these days!)

" John........................who exactly writes to you all?............................why don't they ever use last names?................."

Karen, dear Karen..................when YOU wrote us in January YOU asked us only to use your first name.  Remember?  So have most respondants since we started this chaotic series of pages.  Why we ever started this in the first place is beyond me, but WE started it, didn't we?  So the beat goes on.....and we will abide by alumni requests that only first names be used or in some cases no names.  Those that have allowed us to use full names have our greatest thanks, 'cause they get contacted immediately by old friends as opposed to the first-namers that cause us to get bombarded with info requests!   No big deal.  They are all your former friends and alumni that want to make contact.  Making that happen is whats important to us, "The Crew"    Karen....... isn't it about time you let us post your full name?  ....KAREN???