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Robert E. Peary High Class of 1979

Received 10 July from Terry ('79 or '80?)

" Hey, this is one cool website!  And I know and can relate to alot of the people that respond to this.  ...........why hasn't the class of '80 done anything like this?  Anyways, John, Lisa and "crew",  I think its awesome and I'll continue to look in to see whats goin' on with Peary 1979!"

Thanks Terry, but rest assured your (?) yeargroup is doing neat things too.  Of course, nobody does it like a 1979-er, but your group is trying to put together a great shindig for the year 2000.   We are in close contact with them, and you won't be disappointed.  Can't use the Prince song, "Party Like its 1999",  though.  We got dibbs on that.

Received from "a 1979 guy", 15 July 1999

" Hey, I have paid for the tickets, done my email contacts, bla-bla-bla!  Nobody can give me and my wife a straight answer on what we should wear for the main event on Saturday night!  John, we expect you to wear a flightsuit or something, but what does a normal civilian wear to this event?  Totally "mocked out"  or casual?  Don't make us be the couple that gets giggled at!  I'm counting on you for some sound advice, old friend!"

Dude, go with the Austin look.  Its a little bit of now, a little bit of then.  Perfect mix.  Women love it, and....this is not John typing, its another of the Crew!  Just make sure your teeth are clean and preferably flossed.  Man, this is going to be one great party!!!!

Whoah, Lisa, lets get this right! Austin is cool , he's my hero, but I'm not certain his style will get much response at the reunion.  Chris....Ooops, darn..., Steve, George, Waldo -  Just wear something!!!  Showing up nude would not be cool.  Its something the Class of  '73 or '74 might enjoy (streakers!),  but I just don't think its right for the millenium, you know?  Wear anything, there is no real style this year.  Just be yourself.  The Class of 1979 loves people that have always been themselves. There are no dress code expectations, per say.   I'm convinced, based on email Class analysis, that we expect nothing, ........and Everything!   Look forward to seeing you.

Received from "--------", 1979

" Okay, maybe I will go after all.  Its just that she and I have never made up for things that happened back then.  I know she'll be there, and I think I'll ruin the night for her.  And then I think, maybe I'll ruin the night if I don't show!  We have been waiting for a reason to be forced into the same room for over 10 years!!

Dear "Friend", you are obligated to show up.  I, amongst others, have payed alot of money just to see such reunions as the one you describe. We'll hide the binoculars as much as possible, but that night is truly meant for such reunions.   We will all try to keep our distance as you slowly make your way across the ballroom toward her outstretched arms.......Any pictures we take will be cleared BY YOU prior to publishing.  Trust us..........

Its now or never, old friend. ..................OK, no binoculars.

Received from Dave, 1979

" ...and whats with the Redskins this year?  Seems like we will suck forever!  I know we had some good trades and drafts, but it looks like yet another "rebuild" year!"

Dave, you hit the nail on the head, my friend.  This year we should focus on the Redskinettes, instead of the team.  By the way, the girls will visit our troops in Kosovo and Bosnia in mid-August.  We're certain they'll be greeted with open arms! That may indeed be the high point of this season.  I flew the Dallas Cowgirls all over Bosnia  and Croatia in 1996-1997, and they couldn't stand all the Redskin trinkets scattered throughout my cockpit!  Once a Redskin, always a Redskin.  Of course, we'll beat the Cowboys twice this year, as always!!

Trivia:  What Peary Grad was a Redskinette?   Answer:  Lynda Alvey(Class of '80)  from 1984-1989.