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Robert E. Peary High Class of 1979

From John (1979) September 15th, 1999

" Okay, so the 20 year reunion came.  "We knew the babes, we came, we saw, we ........conquered?"  I don't think so.  At least not from my perspective.  Work with me here, fellas..........           Every 1979 female grad had their crap so much more together than us!!  Admit it!  Our "babes" are so together and active that it puts us to shame!  Come on, admit it!  I was personally dragged around by the leash by a few of these "babes" for over a week!  I enjoyed it immensely.  A quick synopsis of the female 1979-er indicates that ALL are well and fine and just doing great without us!   If you think otherwise then you obviously weren't there to see the 1979 ladies in all their glory. I know, it hurts.......but it should also make us guys feel pretty good about our 1979 "babes".

Dear John..(sniffle, sniffle)........since we can't identify you due to lack of no last name (though we have our guesses), we'll just have to.........AGREE with you, darn it!!!  Every 79-er woman was gorgeous, confident and demanding!  What do you want from us, John ???

From the "friend", a 1979 grad (See August comments to I.D. this sucker!)

"Crew........(.........).........took your advice and showed up at the reunion.  You all had it pegged down just right!!!!!  I walked into her arms as soon as I showed up and never looked back!  I was amazed that she even remembered me.  Turns out she is a divorcee, like me.  We spent the weekend learning about eachother and where we've been since those hot summer nights of 78-79.  We didn't hardly touch at all, except rubbing shoulders and holding hands that weekend.  It was more stimulating than anything I have ever felt before........(......)

Dear have gotten us all rather excited and a WEEEEE bit horny!  Please ...don't write again unless its really, really important.  Thanks, bye bye now.....

From Steve (1979)  November 1st, 1999

" Hey, ............................................amongst all the other crap there is, lets keep in mind that the NEW Millenium really doesn't start until December 31st, 2000.  From a scientific standpoint, this is accurate and correct.  It will be the first real New Year of the 21st century.  I think we should recognize that fact, don't you? ............................."

Steve, .......dear dear Steve,  We've all bought the champagne,  the souvenirs, the cute little trinkets identifying this as the new millenium, all the 2000 t-shirts and underwear!!!  etc, etc.   Please, go back and tell your scientist friends that they are wrong.  Find a way to break it to them gently.  If that doesn't work, call us, we'll clobber them!!!  Otherwise, we will all have spent alot of frigging money for no reason!!!!We all know the basics and 2001 is actually the new millenium, but we've already committed ourselves to this, Steve.  Keep this stuff to yourself, please.

From......Like about 300 people, all 1979 Grads!

Dear Angela, Mary and Lisa,

       Thanks so much for what you three did to make the 1979 reunion great!  In these busy, hectic times we live in, you three took the time and made the effort to ensure our reunion was a success.  Our hats are off to the three of you, and all the others that made this great event happen!  We are ALL forever in your debt.  Times like this only happen once in a lifetime, and you three made it happen.

All -  Could not have said it better!!  These "three amigas" worked very hard and made it all happen.  What more can we say?  Many comments were built into the one above.

Received from a Peary 1979 (28 NOV 99) grad that seems to live somewhere in TEXAS!

" Hey Gang, it was wonderful to see you all at the reunion.  And John, your tan is great as always, but at this point I think I have more hair on my head than you!  Never thought I'd be able to say that, old friend.  ...................anyway,.. Check the stress-level at your workplace and see if thats why I have surpassed you in that department, hair-growing that is, dear chap.  Just wanted to let you know that the Cowboys will infact pass your beloved Redskins and move into the playoffs without your "substandard" team.  We have handily beat you twice this year and will move on without you.  Best regards.

" Dear B----,.......we (Redskin Fans, that is, ALL three of us) are trying to answer this as impartially as we can......but we have only one answer, after a quick vote.

1 - You ARE NOT some British chap, you Texas convert-brit-ex-Skin lover!!! So cut the lingo. 2 - Your Cowboys can hardly beat themselves, unless they are on illegal medications like Crack and Cocaine, so the heck with your prophecies.  3 - The Skins will squeak into the playoffs at 10-6, and you won't.  But....................we still love and miss you, 1979-er.  Its just a shame you have been sucked up into the fake Cowboy frenzy.  Always stick with your original hometeam, B----!!!! Thanks for the shot of Deion running out of bounds, though!

Received from Jim, 1979 (DEC 3, 1999)

" Hey, god XXXXX - it, the reunion was great, no butts about it.  It was wierd, plus it was like the old days, so who could complain??? I mean it all was there, for sure, man!  But, one complaint, and this isn't just from me, gang - WHY the heck did we have it at a place that kicked us all out at 11 PM on a Saturday night?????

Jim, good point for future reference.  I , myself, was downstairs around 9:30 PM playing Bingo and watching the Redskins pre-season game at that point.  Lively old crew, but they pooped out a little after 10 PM, and shortly afterward I found myself locked inside the building alone with the cleaning ladies!  Thats another story though.

Bottom line is this:  The Reunion Committee picked this spot for several reasons. Location and accessibility, cost, and then again COST!  To do this for so many grads at a Hilton or something would have cost 4-5 times as much, and the money and donations just weren't there.  PLUS - If it had lasted longer than it did,  ALL HELL would have broken loose there!  Much better to end it early and allow groups to move out to other partying locations, which is what occured!  Don't forget we had an awesome time the night prior at Studebakers, where much HELL broke loose as well!  In retrospect, it was perfect planning and a great job from the committee.

What are your questions, Jim ?????  

From D.(female) , 1979 grad (10 DEC 99)

"Crew......................................and why is this Tripp Hag being sued or charged or whatever by the State of Maryland? Doesn't this give all us Marylanders a bad rep?  What did she do to cause Maryland to put her and MONICA sucko back in the newspapers?  Out west we wouldn't have brought the case up cause its BS!!! "

Hey Girl, thanks for the note.  Simply put, Tripp broke Maryland law by recording phone calls that weren't authorized. Yea Yeah...... We know, we did it all the time in High School and nobody gave a HOOT!  But Monica and Tripp are great revenue for our great State, and if you are paying MD taxes then you will agree to ANYTHING that might bring them down a bit!  You ARE paying Maryland taxxes, D.?????????   No?     ALERT....ALERT,  EX-MARYLANDER  DOING THE RIGHT THING, ALERT!!!

Anyone out there with a Florida address we can use??? Please....????

 LOTS more updating and message posting to do!  We just got back online, give us a week or two........