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Welcome to Mahgaon Web site!

The Web site is dedicated to village Mahgaon, Allahabad, U.P. India. The Web site would give the brief history and knowledge about this small town in eastern part of the Uttar Pradesh of India.

A Brief History of Mahgaon:
Village Mahagon is located on the G.T. road about twenty-five (25) kilometer in the west of Allahabad.  The village was inhabitant by the General Bahauddin Jafri after the fall of Jaunpur (city of Eastern U.P.) under the Mogul Empire.
General Bahauddin Jafri belonged to the dynastic hierarchy of Hazrat Mohammad Sallal-laho Aliah Wasallam and elder brother of Hazrat Ali.  One of his son, Sharif Ali, S/O Aley Hasan Madni settled in Ghazni after coming from Madina Sharif.  His son Sharif Mohd. Nizamuddin came to Delhi and after living there for sometime, he moved to Jaunpur.  He was appointed chief justice by the King of Sharki regime (Tuglaq Dynasty).  After the fall of the Dynasty the family of Bahauddin were compelled to leave Jaunpur and they passed a life of anonymity.
Molvi Liyaqat Ali was one of the son of this family, who was a famous figure for 1857 revolution (is called 1857 Gadar).  The people of Mahgaon and people of India is proud of him for the sacrifice for the Independent India. Afzal Ahmad Jafri was born in his family.  He established a middle school at Mahgaon in 1943, which is now an Inter College.  The population of Mahgaon and its surrounding areas are surging upward and their is no degree college available in that area for the education.  Therefore, a continuous efforts are going on to upgrade this school to a Degree College.  Please go to school site for detail information.



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The purpose of this website is to disseminate information regarding the school and create a system to allow visitor to help on the noble cause.

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