Title:  Troiís Tears (as I recall by Will Riker)
Author:  Micaela
Codes:  TNG, R/T, drabble
Authors Note:  This is my first attempt at a drabble (a fic work of EXACTLY 100 words).


After her rescue from the Sindareen raider.

When our bodies and souls touched for the first time.

When I left Betazed and joined the Hood.

When I did not show up on Risa - I wasn't there but I felt them nonetheless...

At Ian's death.

When her powers were 'lost'.

When she was emphatically violated by Jev.

The evening I asked her hand in marriage.

The time we stood nude and I placed a band of latinum on her finger and committed my life to her.

The minute we heard our baby's first cries as he came into the universe ...

The End