The Falls Title: This Perfect Moment
Author: Michelle
Romance: R/T
Series: TNG
Rating: PG
Part:  NEW 1/1 short story
Disclaimer: Paramount owns the Star Trek franchise and the characters therein. We are allowed to play with them as long as we play nice.  Copyright 1999 Micaela.

Author’s note: This piece is dedicated to the concept of being Imzadi – to having a soulmate to share one’s life with.  We should all be so fortunate <grin>. 

October 1999
Star Trek: The Next Generation
This Perfect Moment
by Micaela

The two figures stood together, hand in hand in the warm sunlight of an
early autumn afternoon.  There was a refreshing crispness in the wind
indicative of the coming season. The leaves on the trees had already
begun to change and the wooded hillsides were awash with color.  The
shallow river bubbled happily as it rolled along, slipping smoothly over
the scoured stones, toward the large body of water awaiting it at the base
of the gorge.  Above them, a cascading waterfall rushed over the rocks and
hurled itself into space.  As it crashed down into the pool below, it
filled the air with exquisite sound and beauty.  Small arcs of color, tiny
rainbows, appeared randomly within the water's mist as the rays of
the sun penetrated the refractive droplets.  The closer you got to the
couple, one could see that the woman was perfectly relaxed as tiny
drops of mist settled in her hair.

She closed her eyes, allowing the peace of THIS perfect moment to flow
into her soul. The memories of the first time she had ever seen this
place washed over her.  The two of them had come here years before,  in
the early days of their relationship.  This place ­ the falls ­ held a
special place in her heart … in his, too, for that matter.  They both
knew they would be back here one day ... somehow.
That day was now and it was perfect.

The fact that they were both older now only brought a smile to her
beautiful face.  Older, yes.  Still quite lovely, though.  Her long
dark tresses revealed no signs of silver.  Her dark eyes were luminous,
maybe even more so now due to his love.  Her body still curved in the
right places.  Very few lines marked her porcelain face.

Time had been generous to him as well, though his beard was now more
gray than anything else. He blushed when she told him that it made him
look 'distinguished'.  His shoulders, still broad and strong, were a
haven for her to run to.  His eyes and smile had not aged at all and
could melt her in a split second.  She thought he was ravishingly
handsome this day in his gray dress suit.  He wore an antique white
shirt and crimson tie that coordinated with her ensemble.  On his lapel
sat a single rosebud.  A smile of genuine happiness spread across his
furred face and his eyes shone with delight that this day has finally

She looked down. The lace dress flowed elegantly down her body in a
fabric woven of a blend of every shade of white imaginable ­ from the
purest snow to the creamiest ivory.  The intricate lace pattern was
sprinkled with thousands of tiny silver beads, sparkling crystals and
delicate pearls.  The design was simple ­ low scooped open neck, short
sleeves, and straight lines ending with a beaded hem just above her
ankles.  Its simplicity only added to her beauty. She had taken special
care with her dark hair today to fashion it in a partial 'updo'.  Curls
were piled in a mass on top of her head while several long streamers
cascaded down her neck.   She had woven a wreath of pink and white roses
interlaced with tiny ruby rosebuds and baby's breath that encircled her
head like a crown. Cascading from the floral wreath in her hair, she had
fashioned a sliver of gauzy mesh fabric mingling with satin ribbons that
trailed down her back.  The fabric was all that remained from a
treasured headpiece that he had made for her a long time ago as a symbol
of their love then and now. Her lips and nails were finished in the same
ruby red color of the tiny rose buds in her bouquet.   She had selected
a narrow collar of pearls to enhance her graceful throat that also
matched the pearl ring that rested on her right hand.  He had given it
to her in remembrance of one of their many private celebrations over the
years.  Her onyx eyes shimmered with welled up tears and her cheeks were
flushed bright with love and excitement.

He held her small hand tightly within his own as he gazed upon his love
and thought that she had never looked more beautiful than she did right
now ­ at this perfect moment.

They had not spoken.  There was no need as they stood together before
the misting waterfall, pondering the twisted paths of their lives that
had finally brought them back here.  They had been through so very much
in their individual existences.  They had withstood heartache and loss.  Shared
joys and triumphs - alone and together and then alone again.
Even so had they meant so much to one another over the years ­ friend,
confidant, companion, partner, student, teacher, mentor, lover,
soulmate ... yes, IMZADI.  The connection, the bond that they had forged so
indelibly long ago.

Being Imzadi had been far more complicated than either of them had ever
anticipated.  It had brought along its own share of difficulties, tears
and pain ­ along with exquisite joy, comfort and ecstasy.  The Imzadi
bond had chosen them without regard to station or condition and neither
could have stopped it from happening any more than they could have
stopped the sun from rising.   Becoming Imzadi, as traumatic as it had
been, was now as natural as taking their next breath of air.  Severing
that link would have been the equivalent of ceasing to breathe.  They
had become a part of one another and would remain so for eternity.

A gentle cough brought their attention back to the present as
the presiding official directed them to their marriage vows.  These
particular vows were simply for the world to witness as they had made
private vows to one another long ago.  On this day, they pledged their
bond in the manner proscribed by society, officially declaring to the
universe by these signs their undying love and devotion to each other.
Tears rolled down her soft face as he slipped a second band of precious
metal on her finger to meet and match the one he put there years ago.
She did the same for him, trembling as she took his hand in hers and
slipped a matching band on his finger.

With the exception of the official and a few assorted tourists who had
happened along the path at the right moment, there were no friends or
family there to witness this official joining.  They would share this
with them in another celebration later on.  But this day was for them only,
returning to a treasured place.  The couple was alone ­ and together ­
in the setting of their first joining.  They became Imzadi long ago and
this place had been a part of each other's hearts all this time.  On
this day, they had come full circle.  At this perfect moment  … they
became husband and wife.

The kiss was long and sweet, so filled with promise.  The fulfillment of
promises made long ago.  The prophecy of promises yet to be.


They clasped each other hands tightly as they made their way back down
the path that lead from the falls to the lakeshore.  Every few seconds
or so they would glance at one another, still unsure that this day had
finally come.  That all of this was actually real and not just another dream.
Neither of them could stop smiling as their inner joy radiated outward.

They reached the small park that overlooked the lake.  Little had
changed here as well since their first visit.  The mountains still
framed the body of water as the small boats skipped about on the waves.
The waterfowl still came around to beg for crumbs.  The sunlight still
reflected off the lake like millions of glittering gemstones.

He guided her to a bench by the shore and indicated that she be seated.
Settling gracefully, she sighed with complete and utter happiness and
watched him unpack a few things from a picnic box.  He pulled out a
bottle of champagne that had waited patiently in a chilled bucket.
Unwiring the cap, he worked the cork gently until it flew away with a
loud 'pop'. Finally he reached into the box and, to her surprise,
pulled out a petite chocolate cake decorated with traditional wedding
symbols.    He watched with delight as her face lit up.

He poured the golden bubbling liquid into two crystal flutes that
magically appeared from his stash, then cut a slice of cake for each of
them.  They made a toast to their past, the present … but most of all
their future.  Sipping deeply of the wine, they shared a soft kiss and
laughingly fed each other teasing nibbles of cake.

The bottle was slowly drained, the confection partially consumed and the
remainder stored, the couple sat together on that bench,  wrapped in one
another's arms.    She settled back into the warmth of his body and
recalled a time in the past when they sat in this exact same position ­
watching the same sun set across the mountain tops, feeling the same
cool breeze blow across the lake.  Back then she had never allowed
herself to even imagine that this day would ever come.  They traveled in
such different paths with very different obligations and duties.  Then
they had belonged to one another only in their hearts.  There had many
obstacles and stumbling blocks to overcome along the way in their
relationship until now.  Now the world would know just what they meant
to each other.  Just how strong their bonds and vows were.

He sensed her emotions -- it seemed that he could sometimes be as
empathic as she -- and turned her to face him fully.  He placed his
hands on each side of her lovely face and pulled her to him.  Their lips
met and parted as they savored the sweet flavor of each other.  They
lingered in the kiss, nipping and nibbling until they were breathless.
Pausing for a moment, he looked deeply into her eyes and saw himself and
eternity there.

His voice was low and resonant, filled with love and emotion as he spoke
to her softly.

"I love you.  I always have and I always will.  My precious Imzadi, my
beautiful wife."

She felt him surround her heart and settle there as he did long ago.
Her eyes sparkled with intensity as she returned his sentiment.

"I know, my love.  And I love you with all that I am.  I have from the
very beginning and I shall until the day I die.  My dearest Imzadi, my
loving husband.  This day you have finally completed my life."

And in that perfect moment, the two friends that had become lovers ­ the
couple that bonded and became Imzadi were now partners in life and
love.  As they surrendered once more into a long, sweet kiss ... the
universe stood still to witness THIS PERFECT MOMENT.

the end

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