Title: The News


Author: Magen (ms-enterprise@juno.com)


Rating: G


Pairing: R/T


Part: 1/1


Archive: Sure


Disclaimer: I based this short story on a couple of passages from "The Princess" by Lori Wick. Beverly, Will, and Deanna belong to Paramount. What I have come up with belongs to me.



Deanna gave up waiting on her husband of two years. He told her he would be late, but she hoped that he would come home early. That didn't happen. Deanna didn't know what time he got into bed, but because she had been expecting him to arrive home several hours earlier, he woke her.


"Hi," Deanna said quietly, instantly awake.


"Hi, Dee." Will said, his voice hoarse with fatigue. "Sorry to wake you."


"That's okay. How did the meetings go?"


"Good. I'll tell you about it in the morning," Will said as he blew a kiss in her direction.


"Alright." Deanna waited, thinking he didn't really mean it. She was terribly disappointed a few moments later when she heard his deep, even breathing. She lay there for a moment, not wanting to disturb him but desperate to talk. Feeling terrible for doing it, she thought cast his name rather loudly to him. He never moved or responded. Rolling over with a sigh, Deanna gave up. Her alarm was set to wake her early. She was meeting Beverly in the ship's lounge for breakfast and then she had a full day on her schedule. It took some time, but she finally fell asleep, hoping that Will would be awake in the morning.



Will woke slowly the next morning, his body still heavy from not enough sleep. He had not been able to get comfortable in the shuttle on the way back to the Enterprise. By the time his shuttle docked in the shuttlebay, he was miserable. He took a quick glance at the chrono. 0730. Knowing he had the day off, he rolled over to go back to sleep. He had just closed his eyes when he realized something was not right. He peeked his eyes open to confirm it. Deanna was sitting on the edge of the bed, dressed in her uniform, watching him.


"I can't sleep if you going to watch me, Dee," He said sleepily as he closed his eyes.


Deanna merely smiled.


Will could tell she was still watching him. "I mean it, Deanna," he said gruffly.


Deanna laughed softly and rose from the bed. She walked to the desk in the living area and found a blank PADD. She tapped in a short message and returned to the bedroom to find Will asleep, snoring lightly. Deanna placed the PADD on her pillow and kissed Will lightly on the cheek before heading out the door to meet with Beverly.



Will awoke sometime later feeling better than he did before, but still thought he could sleep a little longer. He was slightly disappointed to find himself alone. He absentmindedly reached across the bed when his hand bumped a PADD. Will smiled as he activated the PADD, thinking it was a note telling him where she was. 'I'm pregnant.' The two words leapt out at Will so much so that he literally started.


Knowing that she wasn't in their quarters, Will sought her out along their link only to find that she was gently blocking him from her mind. Alright, Will thought to himself as he jumped out of bed and headed to the bathroom. He emerged 15 minutes later freshly showered and dressed in civvies. "Computer locate Counselor Deanna Riker," Will called out as he pulled on his shoes.


"Counselor Riker is in the arboretum," the computer intoned.


Will stood, found and attached his communicator to his shirt, and headed out the door to the nearby turbolift.


A few moments later, Will strode through the doors of the arboretum. Although the arboretum was rather large, Will found Deanna near the entrance talking with Mandy King, the ship's botanist. He walked over to them and stood quietly behind his wife. He exchanged greetings with Ms. King before she went back into her office.


"Walk with me," Will asked after Deanna turned to face him.


Deanna nodded and they headed down a nearby path. As they slowly strolled along the path, Deanna glanced at Will. He was walking with his hands behind his back and started talking like he had all the time in the universe.


"These are very pretty flowers," he commented as they passed some deep purple blooms.


"Yes. Those are African violets. Mother has some in her garden conservatory."


"Aren't mother's wonderful people," Will asked. Deanna smiled as he turned to face her. "I found the most interesting note in my bed this morning, but no wife."


"You did?"


"Mm hm. It was very informative, but I found myself glad that I have a strong heart."


Deanna's smile was now huge.


"So tell me, Imzadi, on your list of people to tell, who have you told?"


"Well," Deanna teasingly said. "I paged Lt. Daniels this morning. I knew that he would want to keep an extra eye on me. And then there was the ensign I shared a turbolift with this morning. Oh, my first patient was a little depressed so I told him to cheer him up. And of course, I announced it to everybody in the lounge earlier." Deanna looked at Will mischievously.


"You've been a very bad girl," Will commented.


Deanna smiled. "I wanted to tell you last night, but you fell asleep so fast, then I had to leave early this morning." Deanna laughed lightly. "I even thought cast to you, but you slept right through it."


Will grinned his famous Riker grin before quietly asking, "How are you?"


"I'm fine."


"Do you know for sure?"


"Beverly ran a scan yesterday. I'm three weeks pregnant!"


Upon hearing that Will grabbed Deanna around the waist and spun her around. Deanna shrieked with laughter and flung her arms around Will's neck.


<<Wicker to Counselor Riker.>>


Will put Deanna down and relaxed his grip, but didn't let her go.


Deanna leaned back just enough to tap her comm badge. "Riker here."


<<Counselor, your next appointment has arrived.>>


"I'm on my way. Riker out," Deanna said before tapping her badge again. Will kissed her passionately before releasing her. "I'll see you later," Deanna whispered.


"I look forward to it," Will replied before she headed to her office.



Nine months later, Will and Deanna became to proud parents of a 6 lbs. 8 oz. baby girl they named Elizabeth Kestra.


The End