“MENAGE A TROI” as it should have been…

by Michelle



As they walked hand in hand through the thick carpet of grass, Will and Deanna search intently for something form their past.


"I think it is around here somewhere."  Will says as he pushes back some tall weeds.


"Maybe it died.  It HAS been a few years."  Deanna retorts, thinking how it has been quite a while since something else as well.  A warm rush flows through her and she clears her throat.


"Moktag live hundreds of years! … Here it is!"


She rushes over to where Will has found their treasure and they crouched down to examine its beauty.


"Oh, it's lovely," Deanna cradles the blossom and shakes it gently.  "I remember that sound … and all the good times we had."


She looks at Will with nostalgia in her dark eyes.


He takes her by the hand and helps her to her feet, slipping his arms around her waist.


"I remember.  A certain junior officer meeting a very serious psychology student…  The best part about being assigned to Betazed."


His lips find hers and the kiss is soft and sweet.  Memories of the past flood Deanna's senses and she abruptly pulls away.


Will’s face is a mask of bewilderment.


"Deanna, Imzadi, what is it?"


Shaking her head regretfully, "It's this place, it is us … being back here together.  We were so young then and so in love.  Sometimes I wish we could go back."


He pulled her to him once again and whispered in her ear, "We can't go back, but we can go forward."


"What do you mean?"


"This, I mean this…"  He kissed her again, this time the passion building, blossoming into promises of fulfillment.  Deanna's mind whispered to her soul, 'this time, maybe … yes … this time, YES!'


She melted in to his body and they lay back on the soft grass.  As the kiss deepened, she ran her hand into the blue tunic he was wearing.  She felt him groan with pleasure as her fingers threaded through his chest hair. 


"Deanna, what are you doing to me?" 


Soft giggles escaped her throat, "Making love to my Imzadi maybe?"


His eyes crinkled in amusement, "Oh really?!?"


"Yes really."


Throwing all caution aside, she shrugged off the bodice of her lavender dress.   As she stood up, it pooled at her feet.  Stepping out of the pile of flimsy fabric, she then lay back down beside Will.  Her nimble fingers untied the sash of his tunic and she opened it fully.  He lay back, lacing his fingers behind his head as Deanna undid the fastenings of his trousers. 


{{You are sure, Imzadi?}}


{{As sure as I have ever been, Will.  I love you.  I always have and always will.}}


{{I love you too, Deanna.  Forever…}}


Their bodies came together, molding into one just as their souls had many years before. 


Finally spent and sated, they lay nude with each other there in the grasses of Betazed, just as they had way back when.  This time was different, however.


This time was for eternity.


-        Michelle  *   7/6/01