Betazed Rains Making up is always the fun part
Title:  Betazed Rains (Soothin' Summer Shower Challenge from ASC)
Author:  Micaela
Series:  TNG
Part:  NEW
Rating: [PG-13]
Codes:  R/T, short story

Summary:  Story takes place after INSURRECTION.  Will and Deanna are having difficulties coming to terms with their newfound/rekindled relationship.

Disclaimer:  Paramount is SUPREME as always and owns it all, except my story line.

Betazed Rains
by Micaela

Deanna Troi sat at the water's edge with her chin resting on her knees as she watched the tide go out.  The constant churning of the ocean's waves reminded her of the relationship she shared with Will Riker.  Back and forth, up and down, in and out - always in motion and never at peace.  She thought that finally they had the past behind them and they could move ahead as a couple.  They had even come to Betazed on shore leave together to plan their future.  This is where things always seem to go wrong for them.

She and Will had arrived three days earlier and were greeted with a formal reception hosted by her mother, Lwaxana.  All of her old friends had been present at the gathering, including Wendy Roper Berq.  Wendy had not changed at all.  She wore a body hugging black dress that was cut very low in the front and cut very high on the thigh.  She always had a drink in one hand while the other was usually resting upon an UNavailable gentleman.  She flirted shamelessly while her shy Betazoid husband cowered in the corner.  Deanna was rather amused to see a middle-aged woman try to pass herself off as a young girl until Wendy set her sights upon Will.  While Deanna could sense his discomfort, she also sensed a bit of pleasure and flattery in him due to the scantily clad woman's attentions.  Deanna watched as Will  - with his signature smile - did not remove himself from the situation as Wendy put her hand on his arm, his hand, even his cheek during what seemed to be a lively conversation.  Deanna also sensed the erotic thoughts brewing in Wendy's mind as she recalled the last time she saw Will Riker.  It was close to twenty years prior and Deanna had just broken things off with Will due to her mother's interference.  A drunken Will found solace in the open arms (and bed) of then Wendy Roper.  Deanna had walked in as they lay together in the afterglow of profoundly good sex.  Deanna always thought that she had gotten past that event on their lives - that is until now.  Seeing Wendy being so forward with Will and him not backing away from the advance was more than Deanna could bear.  She felt her cheeks redden with utter humiliation.  Most everyone here at this party knew of that incident so long along.  Her heart ached with the question, 'How could he do this to me again?'  She again confronted the two and had thrown a drink in Will's face as she stormed out of the banquet room.

Will had ran after her and tried to explain that he was simply 'being polite' and had no intentions regarding Wendy.  Deanna just waved him off as she grabbed a small tote from her bedroom and filled it with a few belongings.  She told him that she needed some time to herself and to not follow her.  She then got a transfer to their summer home at the beach.  Lwaxana kept the house stocked and ready all during the year because she used it as a retreat after a long diplomatic mission.  Deanna has used the past couple of days to try to sort out her feelings.  She loved Will more than life itself and she knew that Wendy held no attraction for him any longer.  But why was she hurting so?  Why did she distrust him that night?  Was it her own heart that she did not know?  She had been having doubts as to the viability of a shipboard relationship.  All of the reasons that they had remained 'just friends' while serving together made sense.  Was she ready for the problems that such a union would produce?  How could she cope with Will leading dangerous away missions once their bond was complete?  How would he handle sending her on such missions as well when her life might be in jeopardy?  How could they balance their personal lives and their positions as Starfleet officers?  Was it even possible?

Deanna felt tears of indecision and doubt roll down her face as she watched the storm clouds gather out over the ocean.  She knew that soon a warm, gentle summer rain would set in.  She thought to herself, "Let it come.  Maybe it will wash away the pain in my heart...."  Deanna lifted her head from her knees as she sensed HIM draw near.  She did not need to look over her shoulder to see him navigating the path down from the house to the beach.  She wasn't sure if she was ready to face him or not.

Will approached her silently while looking for some clue as to her demeanor.  She looked up at him with her large, luminous, tear-filled eyes and patted the sand beside her in an indication for him to join her.  Will sat down and stared at the ocean and the lightning dancing across the waves in the distance.  They sat there quietly for what seemed hours just drawing peace from nature's display.  Will finally drew his courage around him and broke the silence, "Deanna, I do not know what to say.  I am very sorry if I hurt you at the party.  I want you to understand that I never had any intentions toward Wendy.  I know that I wounded you in the past with my actions with Wendy and you probably feel vulnerable and insecure when she is around.  I cannot change the past - although I have wished a million times that I could.  But I can vow my future to you now and that is what I plan to do.  I know that we will have many things to work out regarding working together, but we can do it.  Imzadi, I love you and I never want to be without you again.  You are the only thing that is real in my life and I will sacrifice anything to make you see that."

Deanna looked into his eyes that were as beautiful and blue as the waters before them.  She opened her mind to him and allowed him access to all of her fears and doubts concerning their union.  Tears welled in his azure eyes as he came to understand what was really happening in his Imzadi.  She was scared.  Scared of loving him.  Scared of losing him again.  His baritone voice cracked as he spoke, "Imzadi, I cannot promise you that I will not die in the line of duty or at any other given time or place.  Unforeseen occurrences befall us all.  But I can pledge that I will give every piece of my heart and soul to you here and now - now and forever.  I will live each day with you as if it were my last because I could NEVER get enough of you even if I had eternal life.  If we are together, then all of these other things will work out.  Just promise that you will allow yourself to share each day with me to the fullest.   Please say that  you will be my wife."

Deanna's mouth was opened in astonishment as Will got up and pulled her to her feet.  She took the small latinum band from his pocket and put it on her trembling finger.  Deanna never uttered a word out loud, but Will received his answer in his mind and deep inside his soul.  Deanna put her arms around his neck as she touched her lips to his his.  A flame of passion sparked in their bodies as electricity from the sky touched the water miles offshore.  Deanna's white gauze sundress was swirling around her ankles as Will embraced her soft curves.  Neither of them was even aware as a soft gentle rain began falling.  Will laid Deanna back down into the soft sand as he knelt above her and kissed the silky hollows of her throat.  Her dress had become sheer with the wetness of the rain and Will noticed her arousal immediately.  Tiny twin peaks were prominent on top of the curves of her breasts.  Deanna's face was flushed with desire as Will deepened his exploration of her with his mouth.  He drew back momentarily to begin the slow languid process of undoing the small buttons that held the thin garment on her body.  Deanna's breathing became faster and more shallow as his progress went farther down her lithe body.  By the time the dress was shed, Deanna was on fire.  The thundering of her heart against her chest drowned out the rumble of the storm's thunder.  Will quickly disposed of his turquoise plaid shirt and khaki chino shorts as he knelt beside her.  Raindrops glistened off of his muscled chest and back as he took her in his strong arms.  Deanna's wet hair fanned out in dark ringlets around her face as a few tendrils clung to her dampened skin.  Will used his finger to remove one such errant curl as it impeded his way to a sensitive spot of her neck.  Deanna arched her back in order to bring her body closer to Will's.  They came together as bodies, minds and souls melded seamlessly.

When their passions were momentarily spent, they lay beside one another basking in the feel of the gentle rain caressing their nude forms.  They watched as the storm moved on off over the water and the clouds began to lighten.  A rainbow was faintly visible in the distance.  The soft summer rains had soothed their bodies as well as their hearts.  Deanna felt as if all the doubts and questions had been washed away and taken from her with the outgoing tide.  She stared down at the stone of her engagement ring as it shimmered in the setting sun.  She smiled at Will as she thought/sent to him 'I love you, Imzadi, and I am ready to embark on the next chapter of our adventure together'.  He returned her expression with one of his own that carried the depth of his love for her.  They gathered up their wet clothing and headed back up the path to the warm shelter of the house.  Deanna glanced back over her shoulder and grinned wickedly as she thought about the interesting impressions they had made in the sand.  Will, sensing the sensual mischievousness hidden behind her angelic smile, scooped her up in his arms and ran the rest of the way  - straight into the bedroom.  Deanna laughed aloud in pure delight as they fell on to the bed and into each others hearts once more.

The Betazed rains returned again sometime during the night.  Deanna awoke from peaceful slumber as she heard the gentle soothing sounds of the rainfall outside the window.  She sliently rose from the bed and went to look out at the soft miracle of nature.  After a while she turned back around to gaze at the sleeping form of the man she loved.  She smiled to herself.  She had always enjoyed the summer rains here on her home planet, but until tonight she never knew just how much.

The End


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