This short story was written in response to a challenge posted on my IMZADI_PRO list by a good friend, Tracy.

Here was her challenge:

1. Must be written in either descriptive exposition or dialogue--but not both.
2. May not use the terms "Betazoid", "Imzadi", "Rabeem", or any other term from the language of Betazed.
3. Must use the words, "genuflect", "regalia", "crystalline", "indigo", and "moon".
4. Must end with a surprise--anything will do.
5. May be rated anything from G to NC-17, but if sexual activity is involved, it must be described with a tantalizingly frustrating amount of restraint!


Okay, I just HAD to try. You know, me. I rarely turn down a challenge. :-)

My response:

by Michelle

         It was hard to imagine that only hours ago she stood before him as he geuflected at the vine-covered alter, holding her slender hand in his.  Beneath the full moon, her crystalline tiara sparkled like a living thing.  She had been adorned only in the jewelled regalia fitting for a daughter of the Fifth house.  Tears streamed down his face as he handed her to him.  He watched as the nude couple clung to one another and said their marriage vows.


Now lying on here on his bed alone, he pondered the events of the evening.  The indigo sheets were soft and warm against him, yet sleep would not come.  His mind was in a whirl.

~ What could have changed her mind?~

  He never thought that he would ever be put in that position.

~ How?  Why?~


She came around the corner and smiled at him lovingly.

"Because the past is the past, Will.  Mother loves you and considers you family.  Who else would she choose to give her away?"