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WELCOME TO THE COUNSELOR'S QUARTERS - MICHELLE'S IMZADI SITE ... This page is dedicated to IMZADI fans ... Star Trek Fans most interested in exploring the relationship between the Counselor and First Officer of the USS ENTERPRISE - Deanna Troi (Riker) and William Riker

If you enjoy the relationship between Will and Deanna termed "IMZADI", then you have clicked to the right site. Sometimes we cannot get enough of the romance between these characters in print or on screen....even now....even after Nemesis! This site contains my own fan fiction work on the subject as well as links to other great IMZADI fiction sites. All usual disclaimers regarding the theme and characters of Star Trek belonging exclusively to Paramount apply here. No profit is made from this. The stories on this site are not to be reproduced in any manner without consent from the author. Thanks for visiting, please sign my guestbook and enjoy!
Michelle aka 'Micaela'

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  including my original IMZADI stories   


COMMAND DECISIONS ... my version of what SHOULD happen after INSURRECTION *** 1999 ASC Award Winner *** 3rd place Best Romance Ensemble

COMMAND DECISIONS ... translated into GERMAN! Thank you to Markus - just for our special German-speaking friends...

BETRAYALS Past and Present - Part one of the MICAELA Trilogy

Sequel to Betrayals ... DECISIONS Here and Now

Part Three of the MICAELA Trilogy ... COMMITMENTS Forever and Always

The MICAELA TRILOGY ... now in GERMAN! Thank you again Markus - our special German-speaking friends can now enjoy BETRAYALS, DECISIONS and COMMITMENTS all in their native language...

Short Story BETAZED RAINS - my answer to ASC's June '99 summer showers challenge *** 1999 ASC Award Winner *** 1st place Best TNG Soothin' Summer Shower Challenge

Short Story THE COUNSELOR'S CAMPOUT - my response to ASC's July '99 camping challenge

  Short Story - MASQUERADE ... Will meets a beautiful mystery woman *** 1999 ASC Award Winner *** 3rd place Best Riker other romance

  Vignette - THIS PERFECT MOMENT ... our couple finalize their Imzadi bond *** IMZADI PRO List Award Winner *** 2nd place All-Time Favorite IMZADI Story

  Vignette - I HAVE NOTHING ... Their lives seem perfect. So why do Will and Deanna feel so empty? This is their search for what it will take to make them complete. *** 1999 ASC Award Winner *** 3rd place Best R/T romance

  Vignette Prose - REFLECTIONS ... A view into Troi's heart

  Drabble - TROI'S TEARS ... Will reflects upon some emotional times in the life of his IMZADI

  Drabble - FINALLY FOREVER ... Deanna's thoughts on her life with Will *** 1999 ASC Award Winner *** 2nd place Best R/T drabble

  Drabble - AN EVERLASTING BOND ... what IMZADI means to me *** 1999 ASC Award Winner *** 1st place Best R/T drabble

  Drabble - LITTLE ONE ... Lwaxana contemplates her daughter's recent breakup with a certain Klingon *** JUST F0R FUN *** *** 1999 ASC Award Winner *** 3rd place Best general drabble

  OUTCASTS - A different twist on Imzadi ... this story centers on Tom Riker and someone new, unique and very special

The Enterprise crew say farewell to one of their own in this story that is dedicated to a friend's memory

  A MIRACLE IN THE MOONLIGHT - A a fun challenge response with a twist!

  MENAGE A TROI as it should have been - Another challenge response to rewrite this TNG Imzadi episode the way WE would have wanted it to end...

  COME WHAT MAY - A short piece inspired by the beautiful lyrics from 'Moulin Rouge' ...

  The Many Faces of IMZADI - Photo Gallery of TNG and the movies

Our IMZADI Authors Page - links to some great fanfic stories and Trek sites

*A look inside at our IMZADI couple in the Star Trek movie...ST:X - "Nemesis"*

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