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Come and join the new mailing list-



To subscribe in the mailing list just simply
send an email to
Below are the other email addresses.

Community email addresses:
Post message:
List owner:

If you're not sure about the instructions then go to the net
and take this Shortcut URL to this page:

Now if you still are confused. And I was
for about a micro second there. Then drop
a friendly e-mail to the watcher of the list- "Lynne"
You can reach Lynne at:



The new YAHOO internet address
or URL to the old e-groups thingy :

( Just type in Pops name )



Pops fan Lynn is suppose to be in charge. 
But there's been a coup in there. 
Happened right before I got banned. 
So that's it, eh? Chickens see, chickens do. 

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