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For the fans who didn't want to miss the series . . .






I'm sure most of you sharp fans get the little inside jokes that comes
with the cartoons I selected and been posting. A dog wishing 'Happy Valentine'
to a cat instead of another dog. And my favorite cat on line falling in love with a
pink sock! There's some of that going on around us too. And its not just what
you think is happening with some fans towards their favorite stars. I see alot
of that kind of unrealistic show of affection even between teachers and students. 
Trix drivers towards their riders. And then there's the one that happened with a fan
towards a particular web maker. But let's not get into that one without my lawyer 
being present. hehe.. Just kidding. 

I hope you all enjoy the cartoon like I do. I know those of you in the Philippines
get them late and waay behind. I use to see so many cool ones back in high school.
Living so close to Clark Air Base gave me access to the newspapers that catered
to the Americans. And to all those wonderful cartoon strips we never got to see
in the local newspapers then. And in alot of ways even today too. 

I'm a firm believer in what a good teacher use to tell me. That cartoons and comics
can actually be a good character builder and helps young people stir their 
imaginations. Help them open their minds to all the world's possibilities. 

And besides all that. I really liked them because they makes me laugh.  
  :  ) 

2nd Set


2nd Set


Last One



I bet our fab girl like funnies too. hehe..





Pops Picture came from her Official web site.