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Articles written by pastor Chris


They're back...those orange barrels are back, and the road construction season is upon us. On our recent trip to Florida, we saw some of those orange barrels. Road construction makes quite a mess, doesn't it? The old surface has to be torn up in many cases, and material is carried away in truck load after truck load. Holes are dug, dirt is moved, dust is made. The new materials are brought in; concrete or asphalt. While all this is going on, traffic is held up. It's messy, it's inconvenient, it's frustrating, it's time consuming. It's difficult and even sometimes a struggle to get where you're trying to go. Do I have to tell you about it? You've probably "Been there, done that".

You know I've said before that Church is a construction zone and the Christian Faith is all about change. The road crews sure create a mess while they're trying to change the road. They may only resurface or they may go all the way to the base, but whatever they do it takes a lot of work. Changing your life? Work? A mess? Inconvenient? Frustrating? Time consuming? A difficult struggle? No wonder change is so unpopular. No wonder that many times we'd rather have a life full of pot holes, than take the effort to do the necessary construction. Excavating; digging up and throwing out the unwanted things in our lives can get messy, but aren't Christians born again? Sounds like change to me, but dog gone it, change is hard.

I'll tell you what...instead of cursing the orange barrels this summer, let's let them serve as a reminder every time we see them, when we are held up; when our trip is interrupted by them, let's take time to pray a simple prayer "Lord show me the areas of my life I need to change, and help me to change them." The Lord knows what we need to change. The Lord is on our side, trying to help us be the best person He created us to be. Let's celebrate those little orange barrels this summer and look forward to what God will do in our lives!


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