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Goodbye George...we will miss you. Thanks for the music and the memories.

George Harrison
(1943 - 2001)


Welcome to the Beatles Midis and More. Now, I know that there are many midi sites out the and many of them dedicated to the Beatles. So what is different about this site. Well nothing really...EXCEPT WHERE ARE YOU GONNA FIND A BACKGROUND AS COOL AS THIS ONE?  In reality, there is nothing really unique about this site, but I wanted to pay tribute to a band that had such an affect on my life.

I heard my first Beatles song (A Hard Day's Night) when I was four years old.  I remember watching the Beatles cartoons on Sunday morning TV. For my fifth birthday, I had a Beatles birthday cake. Although I was too young to see them on Ed Sullivan (I was only two at the time), I did see them perform "All You Need is Love" via satellite and play "Hey Jude" on television. Then came the breakup, Wings, You're Sixteen, the Plastic Ono Band, and the Concert for Bangladesh. I even have the Rutles album (George Harrison's parody of the Beatles). And, of course, the tragic loss of John Lennon.

"So what?", you might say. Well, it was the Beatles that led me to pick up a guitar. If it hadn't been for them, I may have never experienced the joy of playing in bands. Because of their incredible ability to mesh different types of music into their own style, I may have never been able to appreciate blues, rock, country, classical, and R&B. Watching Paul switch from instrument to instrument gave me the impetus to learn to play bass, guitar, banjo, piano, keyboards, and drums. They taught me not just to hear music and tap my foot to it, but to really listen to music and hear every note that was played. So you see, the Beatles gave me my love of music.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that Paul McCartney was better that Geddy Lee (Rush), George Harrison could outplay Eddie Van Halen, Ringo had it all over Neil Peart, or John could sing like Pavoratti. Those statements would just plain be false. But collectively and taken in the context of the time, they created some of the best rock music ever written.

This is not a fan page, as it were. You will not see histories or anything like that here. This page focuses in on what the Beatles were all about -- the music. Just my way of saying, "Thanks mates!"


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