.....long pole forming body of weapon, as a spear
.....ex.:shafts of icy words; shafts of light

I am in a tunnel - dark, winding, endless. My fingers grope along rough walls and edges. Has the air gone out too, along with the light? Why can't I breathe - is this a nightmare? Don't panic. Squiggle your toes. Pinch your arm. Am I awake or in a dream?

Where is the exit? Will this last forever? What are those feathery things that keep brushing against my feet, my arms? I scream - but no sound comes out. Flourescent specks of glow surround me. I feel the eyes of creatures watching me stumble wildly around. I wonder if they are friendly or hostile. Nobody's touching me, though - they seem to be leaving me alone to find my way out. Or are they just being smug - knowing I cannot escape from this darkness. Shall I struggle and fight? Shall I go on looking to find a way to free myself. Is this worth all the effort. Maybe they are right. I should just give up....

This tunnel, this cave of darkness seems to lead nowhere. But something in me is keeping faith - pushing me on. My will is powerless. Then I make a turn. SUDDENLY - a shaft of light - a pinpoint of light stabbing the passageway...

As I draw near, the light shafts become longer...clearer. If this SHAFT was substance I could touch it. Instead I let it play in my hand...let it guide me on...up...out of the tunnel. Free at last - then I wake up!

Was it really all a dream? Or a forewarning of things to come...

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