...a small room for storage, esp. kitchen supplies
...a serving room between the kitchen and cleaning room

Who builds pantries these days? Can one really afford such space and luxury? I can't...not in the early hours of the morning anyway, when I have to rush to work...I can barely take coffee and toast on the run!

What I need is a kind of mental pantry..this I can easily afford!... this I can build ANY SIZE I want - color, decorate and organize it any which way I wish.

Here I can store thoughts and memories I don't want to lose or forget - moments of joy and beauty - awesome experiences - people and faces - all that I want to etch indelibly in this MENTAL ROOM.

This is a place I can come back to time and time again - in distress, in frustration, with "hours to live" - a place for saving my sanity; for finding a lost self; for freeing my spirit to become new and alive all over...

It will not be easy to keep this pantry precious and rare...I will have to shut out feelings of anger, despair, emptiness, nothingness...I will have to control the creeping intrusion of viciousness and horror that keep happening elsewhere in the world..

But how ? As I enter, I shall have to wipe off my mental feet all traces of irritants...only then can I savor in pure wonder the things I store in my mental PANTRY. ... Entree my friend!!

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