Weep Not For Me

If you see Me in the garden
Crying out in agony
Envisioning the pain
That is still to come
Friends rejecting Me
Everyone jeering
Laughing at my misery…
Weep not for Me.

You may turn your face away
As you see Me scourged
And whipped a thousand lashes
My body covered with blood
While I am dragged and pushed;
Made to walk and carry a cross –
Up the hill of Calvary -
Weep not for Me.

If you can bear to watch Me
As My enemies crown Me with thorns
Scoff at Me in great contempt
Mockingly call Me King.
Spit on Me… Tread on Me
Just recall the prophesy:
“I am a worm, and no man.”
Still, weep not for Me.

You may be one of the crowd
Who walk behind Me
As I journey to My death.
My tormentors nail Me to the cross
Pierce My side with a lance
Give Me gall to drink.
They revel in My misery –
Oh, weep not for Me.

All is consummated now.
The work of My father is done.
I am His obedient Son
Though My soul pleaded to Him
To take away this cross
Were it be possible….
Gladly do I give up My life
So, weep not for Me.

Rejoice now My children.
I die so you shall live.
Death shall scare you no more.
My love transcends all things –
Space and time melt into one
Just touch My wounds.
Believe and be healed.
And you shall weep no more...
-----------------------© Jotte: Good Friday 1999

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