A Puff of Breath

We are fishes who swim in a goldfish bowl
We dive, we surf up, we splash around in it..
Sometimes in fun, often in deep earnest...
Guarding our own little corner of the bowl..
We will not surrender one tiny space of it.
Even if we have to eat each other off!

We never pause to think
Someone watches over our mindless endeavors.
Maybe amused, maybe in boredom?
With deep concern and dismay?
Or maybe asking Himself ...
How did He ever chose to create us?

But why, when one of us is weak
When we cannot swim with strength
When the waters become rough
And we reach rock bottom
Only to find it is much darker there -
Why would He reach His Hand to pull us up?

And why, when any of us is shoved around
Or gets almost gobbled up by others
Who leave us no room to breathe -
Allow us no freedom of our own
Crush our spirit and rob us of joy -
Why would He offer Himself to be one of us?

He would share in our pain as well.
He would rejoice when we are happy...
We who weigh nothing on the scales
And strut around like overgrown sea urchins
But like a PUFF OF BREATH can be blown away
Why does He even care?

For He is our Creator.
He loves all of His creation.
He has loved us even unto His death.

"Men are like a puff of breath
Put them on the scales and they weigh nothing."

-----------------------© Jotte: February 17, 1999

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