A sturdy old rock nestled on a mountainside.
My perfect spot to stop and rest.
And as I survey the realm of greens below - -
Woodsmoke coming from a patch of trees
Assures me I am not alone out here.

If someone is burning wood -
There must be life and fire and people
It's a destination that gives me focus
As I later find my way down these trees.

For now I shall sit in quiet content -
Having reached the top of this mountain
I pat myself in satisfaction
Even as I already anticipate -
the fun and the challenge still to come.

This view just takes my breath away..
It feels like an eternal moment.
I want to reach out my hand to touch the woods below ..
Or shout in great abandon..
Proclaim myself owner of the universe.

Through the haze of woodsmoke
My spirit soars and floats to merge with it.
I am a free creature . Earth has no chains for me.
I go where the smoke takes me to.

I need to bring woodsmoke into my life..
Like a silken curtain, it screens out the ugly things.
I only have to summon it into my mind..
And let time pause. Put order to chaos.

-----------------------© Jotte: February 6, 1999

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