My Cup Runneth Over

Lord, I used to cry out to You -
I have no more wine.
And the feast had not started yet!
For my guests and those I love
I have nothing to serve them with.

Lord, I used to thirst -
For mornings bathed in glorious sunlight.
Days undisturbed by strife and bickerings.
Dreamless sleep unawakened by nightmares.
My cup filled with peace and joy.

Lord, how I hungered -
For the smile of a child snuggled in his crib.
The endless chirpings of sparrows.
The hint of a lovely rose in one tiny bud.
For my cup to contain wonders such as these.

Lord, and how I longed -
To have You carry me on Your shoulders
When I tired of trudging lonely pathways
Or when the seasons stretched in bleak monotony.
My cup to flow with vibrance and life.

And lo and behold -
There You were in all Your majesty!
You were there all along -
You did not go away.
It just needed one word from You.

Now the winds have stilled.
The storms have gone.
The forests are alive with spring colors.
My feast is a table of plenty.

I thank You, my awesome Lord!
I do not need great miracles.
Each day lived for You is my own.

-----------------------© Jotte: January 16, 1999

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