The Apple of Your Eye

Lord, keep me as the apple of Your eye -
that when I lose my way
You are there
to hold me in Your arms.
And I shall close my eyes
and be comforted.

Life goes around
in confusing circles.
I lose the vision
and the purpose of it all..
I trip and falter -
I know not where to go.
How can I keep the fire of faith
alive and burning?

Lord, keep me as the apple of Your eye -
That when I stray
away from Your path
You will pull me out
from the clutches of darkness
Then the stars in the night
will shine bright once more.

With a child's total abandonment
I throw myself at Your feet.
I tug at Your sleeves,
beg for Your attention.
I feel Your amused smile
engulfing me.

The cares of the world,
along with my private ones,
are lifted from my heart.
Is this how it feels, Lord
to be the apple of Your eye?

-----------------------© Jotte: December 5, 1998
edited: Aug. 23, 2001

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