In The Shadow of Your Wings

Why are the skies blue no longer.
the clouds gathering in clumps of grey,
where moments ago there were
soft wisps of gossamer white?

Why do the winds whistle
more loudly than before?
Shaking the trees almost
to their very roots.
Gentleness have given way
to unruly violence.

Now the ocean waves
rock the ships to terror.
the small fishes hide
beneath the surface.
Not in sight
are the dolphins leaping
above the waters.

Where am I, puny creature,
in all this turmoil?
I stand in dazed bewilderment.
The world is teetering
on the edge of madness.

Do I have to claw and scratch too
so as to reach the light?
Shall I swagger and stomp
through the streets
Crush without mercy
all that cross my way
gloating in self-satisfaction.

If I throw a glance of kindness -
shall I swallow
all unkindness hurled on me?

If I am meek and uncomplaining -
shall I suffer and pick up
crumbs of insults
leftovers tossed
by those who hold power?

If I believe in the goodness of men,
shall I be content
to stay in quiet acceptance -
or join the continuous search
for self-adulation
and the slaking of appetites ?

The whispers of conscience
are slowly receding.
my visions obscure -
my feelings numb and empty.
Where is the path that I should take?

I stand above a precipice.
Wavering as I look down
on the abyss below.
If I jump into the waters
shall I sink into oblivion?

BUT - if You, my Lord,
will take my hand.
I shall fly with style and dignity.
I shall walk calmly
above these troubled waters.
I shall need less of myself
and more of You.

If You but take me
under the shadow of Your wings...

-----------------------© Jotte: November 24, 1998 edited: Aug. 23, 2001

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