Give Thanks

It's a glorious world out there.
I want to chase the wind
along a pristine stretch of sand.
At water's edge, I watch the tide rising
squinting my eye into the farthest horizon
where the sea splits to meet the sky.
It's my best time for quiet reflection -
to give thanks to the Lord, Creator of BEAUTY.

I look at a child sleeping in his crib.
his mother softly crooning a lullaby-
how he smiles as he hugs his favorite toy.
In some far tomorrow, I'll remember this image-
and weep at how time can ravage youth's innocence.
But for now I want to capture this moment-
store it in my memory.
I give thanks to the Lord, Creator of LIFE.

I remember how I craved for riches and fame.
heckled the Lord every minute.
always with a sense of urgency-
impatient for Him to grant my pleas.
And if kept His silence, I would complain-
as if my wish was His command!

I listen to the sparrows chirping -
How small and fragile they are-
Yet they fly confident and fearless,
no harm befalls them- not a wing is broken...

I smell the daisies and the lilacs
they grow through the seasons admired by all -
He says: Child of the world, are not you
of much more value than these?

Still I fret and worry -
fritter my life away in silly pleasures -
spend hours in frivolous ways..
worship flawed images and idols that die...

Life is His gift to me -
He loved me to His death.
I wake up to sing
praises to the Lord.
He promises all these things
and I shall give thanks.

-----------------------© Jotte: November 5, 1998
edited: Aug. 23, 2001

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