In His Presence

Hush my soul.
Shut off all distractions of the heart.
Tarry not in secret and forbidden places.
Wake up from the stupor of sleep
where nightmares dwell.
Tread softly on moss carpet.
Find a favorite spot in the woodlands.
Feel the soft breeze that stirs the leaves and flowers,
Lie on the grass to gaze at the bluest of skies.
Let Him enter into this silent intimate moment .
Come now into His presence.

I close the doors to my innermost mind.
And pour out to Him
all the yearnings, hopes, and joys -
the things that fill my life.
In His presence, are these really so important?
Am I not just a mere pebble in a vast stretch of sand?
One raindrop that falls and vanishes into the lake.
Am I not being so presumptuous to expect -
He would cast one tiny glance at me?

But I persist in pushing myself
into His presence.
If only to touch the hem of His garment
as He passes by -
If only to whisper to Him from afar -
to tell him I need Him..
Maybe He will turn His face to me -
Smile and speak to me..
Stretch His hand to touch me…
let me feel the majesty and wonder
of being in His presence.

"Suffer the little children to come to me.", He says.
And I am comforted.
I know He has reserved a special place -
for the weak , the forlorn and the needy -
. He will always hear me out -
street beggar that I am,
unkempt, possessing nothing of value.
He calls to me in my darkest night -
He brings me into the light of His presence

I fear no evil now.
The valley of darkness daunts me not.
For He turns my weakness into strength.
teaches my faint spirit how to fly,
my empty heart to come alive.

Now that I have answered to His call-
Now that I am in His presence.

-----------------------© Jotte: October 25, 1998

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