.......... a miniature garden enclosed in a glass container

A whisper of sun.
Warm enough to hold us both
in comfortable embrace.
Gentle drops of rain.
Caressing.. Nourishing our hearts -
Touching us..Breathing life.

Our own world sufficed for us -
..we needed no other.
This was our space..Our niche.
..our garden.
We stayed secluded and undisturbed.
Wrapping each other with words
..promising love forevermore.

Time flowed on and on -
Minutes overlapping hours.
..no difference there.
Dawn turning to greet the dusk.
The wonder and the ecstasy -
..all seemed unending.
Like sparkling waters cascading
..from a mountain spring.
This was our very own special TERRARIUM.

But that was yesterday.
Today, this terrarium is a shelter no longer.
How do I keep the blossoms from fading?
A garden from dying?
The sun refuses to shed one tiny beam on it.
LOVE lives no more -
Charm is its own destruction.

My glass walls are broken.
I cannot now hide the lies and betrayals.
..the countless hurts and tears.
They gnaw at my heart each day,
Like bugs that eat into all growing plants .

And I take refuge in the shadows
..stalking the bushes in the garden.
But PAIN is not my private property.
It is there for all the world to see.

I do not ask for you to weep with me.
We do weep each for our own.

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