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How to Keep Your Kids on Your Team
by Charles F. Stanley

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Midwest Book Review
"It's not what you think that will impact your child; it's what you communicate". We live in an age of delinquency, teen suicide, youth gangs, drugs and alcohol, sexual temptations, televised immortality, overcrowded schools, and a general deterioration in the civility and morality of the general culture. In How To Keep Your Kids On Your Team Charles Stanley passes along the wisdom gained as a father of two grown children, a son and a daughter, in this plainspoken book about creating and maintaining loving, loyal parent-child relationships. Stanley focuses on the parental role as one of stewardship rather than ownership. As a parent, you have a stewardship entrusted to you, and you are responsible to God for your actions toward your children. The next step is to teach your children that they too have a responsibility. "The Key to successful parenting," says Stanley, "is one's ability to ingrain a sense of personal accountability to God into the mind of the child at an early age. " Enriched by personal anecdotes and insightful commentary, How To Keep Your Kids On Your Team is a book for all parents who want to assure that their sons and daughters avoid a self-centered life and hold fast to tested values. How To Keep Your Kids On Your Team is highly recommended for all parish and church libraries and is "must" reading for parents and care-givers of children at any age. How To Keep Your Kids On Your Team is a valuable contribution to school and community library parenting reference books, and belongs on the reading list of all parenting courses and curriculums.