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Billy Graham : The Inspirational Writings : Peace With God, the Secret of Happiness, Answers to Life's Problems

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Collected here for the first time are three bestselling works by Billy Graham, the foremost evangelist of our time--Peace with God, The Secret of Happiness, and Answers to Life's Problems. With candor and insight, Graham points the way to the source for advice on issues regarding the Bible, spiritual concerns, human relationships, ethical issues,

Customer Comments

J. Wilson ( from San Diego, California , March 20, 1998
Inspirational wisdom for today's modern society!
A "must read" book for anyone wanting to make their life worth living. Billy Graham's inspirational wisdom is presented in a logical and easily understandable manner. Mr. Graham's insight into man's relationship with God shows us how uncomplicated God really is. Any evidence that society may need as proof that there is a God, or a better